Classes on weekdays and weekends. All day slots.

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Attractive and flexible packages. Session and Month wise.

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Everyday new yoga session.  Moderate to high intensity.

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A premium lounge with great ambience for yoga.

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A New Age Yoga Studio

Learn Yoga to be physically and mentally fit. We have curated yoga sessions in the Elate Wellbeing Lounge, Gurugram based on the needs of the current age. 

Convenient all-day slots | Certified Trainers | Highly Effective

Why you should do Yoga?

Disciplines Body and Mind: Practicing Yoga helps managing Body and Mind opening doors to limitless potential.
Benefits to General Health: Improves flexibility, body tone, and muscle strength.
Dissipates feeling of Stress and Anxiety: Rhythmic breathing techniques complemented with curated Yoga postures help inculcate a sense of control.
Improved concentration span: Consistent Yoga practice helps improve concentration span. You remain relaxed, poised and composed in all situations.