The Best Online Weight Loss Plan based on Indian Diet

A customised diet plan to help you manage weight loss and improve your overall health

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Are You looking for an Effective and Sustainable Weight Loss Diet Plan?

Elate Wellbeing has curated effective and sustainable weight loss plan which include online nutrition consultation and a complimentary session on weight loss exercises. The weight loss program will include a weekly online diet plan, daily progress check, recipes on demand, and regular nutrition consultation with our experts. Our nutrition philosophy includes following local Indian diet and avoiding fad diets to achieve quick, sustainable and with no side effects weight loss. We also have online yoga classes for weight loss.

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Get Back in Shape Naturally!

An online natural weight management plan designed for you, that is, based on Indian Diet, Practical, Easy to follow, Quarantine Friendly, and Scientific in approach.

Our Dieticians and Nutritionists for Weight Loss will create Customise Diet Plan for You to meet Your Lifestyle Requirements.



No Fad Diet: As they may have a negative health impact in the medium term.

Eat Right: Eat Local, eat Seasonal produce and what is easily available.

Effective: Eat the right proportion with the right way of eating.



  • Diet consultation with expert nutritionists

  • Body composition analysis

  • Diet plans, recipes on demand

  • Access to Elate online yoga sessions specially designed for weight loss​



  • Lose weight naturally without any negative health impact

  • Fat loss & inch loss to get back in shape

  • Healthy skin & hair

  • Muscle toning

  • Better bone health

  • Immunity Booster

  • Improved energy & overall health

  • Better gut health

Client Testimonials

I am so pleased that I have reduced 9 KGs within 2 months with right eating habits. Thanks Elate for creating a wonderful diet plan for me, it worked very well. Apart from weight loss, I feel more energetic and get good sleep at night. 

Harsh Saxena

The best online weight loss plan. I got practical tips each day, Elate Dietician for weight loss had kept me highly motivated each day. My diet plan was customized for my PCOD and thyroid issue, and I have seen high improvement in these issues also.

Kaveri D. Raju

I had approached Elate for a diet plan for my family. They have created a great diet plan which is Indian and easy to follow. They have customised plans for my parents and kids as well as keeping into mind their unique age-related requirements.

Neha Manjrekar