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Reverse diabetes and hypertension naturally!

Our highly qualified dieticians and nutrition experts will create a personalised diet plan for you to manage and reverse diabetes, high BP, and reduce cholesterol. Live a happy and healthy life!

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Elate personalised Indian diet consultation & diet plans

Our dieticians and nutritionist specialise in creating Indian and natural diet plans to meet your medical requirements including for diabetes and high blood pressure. These diet plans are easy to follow and give fast results for sugar and cholesterol reduction.

Healthy Food

Eat right food

You don't need to fast to be healthy. Reduce unhealthy food items and increase the right foods for a healthy Indian diet. Elate will personalise your diet plan based on your unique requirements.

Body Measurements

Control weight

Right body weight goes a long way to reduce high blood sugar and cholesterol and thus helping in diabetes and hypertension issues. Elate team will help you on a daily basis to achieve your body weight goals. 

Women Stretching

Be active

Get moving and indulge in some exercises like Yoga to improve your fitness levels. Elate offers online live yoga sessions for all ages. These are easy to follow and highly effective exercise routines which can be done regularly. 

Frequently asked questions

How does Elate help in diet planning?

Our dieticians for diabetes will develop highly personalised meal plans for you which will provide appropriate calories for right body weight, to maintain glycemic control, optimal blood lipid levels, and to improve health.

Will I get cheat meal options also sometimes?

We do not believe in deprivation pattern. So we will be giving you healthy and tasty recipes along with your diet plan and also put a healthy spin on the foods that you may crave for!

What all is included in a diet/meal plan?

Our Diabetes & hypertension management diet plan consists of food charts which include Indian and seasonal food items which are easily available. We also provide recipes on demand which are very good for sugar and cholesterol control

How much time will it take to meet my health goals?

Normally people start seeing results within a few weeks. However, we recommend joining at least a quarterly plan to see major improvements in H1bac parameter and lipid profiles.

How the diet consultation is done and meal plans given?

The regular consultation is conducted on the phone and WhatsApp. Regular diet plans, activities, recipes, and weight loss tips shall be shared over Whatsapp. We will also answer your queries on a regular basis.

Can I also join Elate online yoga for diabetes and high blood pressure?

Sure, we have specialised yoga sessions to help you improve your physical health and aid in weight management. These are paid sessions and you could combine these with diet plans.

Client Testimonials

I am happy with diet plans created by Elate team. I am taking diet plan and consultation for my high sugar. It is well controlled with their efforts. Elate is very prompt in giving replies to our queries. I have a trusted diet partner in Elate. Thanks so much. 👍

Rajeev Pandey

I have reduced 8 kg weight in last 60 days and also improved my cholesterol level. My last blood report gives a very good improvement for my lipid profile and sugar levels. Elate has the best dieticians and nutritionists for diabetes management in India.

Ravindra Johri

Elate dieticians for diabetes are very helpful. They are very knowledgeable and always helpful in giving correct guidance on what to eat and how to remain fit. I am happy that I have joined the Elate diet and yoga plans. These are highly effective.

Sakshi Malhotra