#DigitalWomenAwards: The Burgundy Achievers 2018 includes Elate Wellbeing Founder & CEO Apurva Sharma

November 20, 2018

She ThePeople is India’s first women’s channel inspired by real stories and seeks to change the discourse on, about and for women. As part of Digital Women Awards 2018, Elate Wellbeing Founder & CEO Apurva Sharma is chosen as a Burgundy Achiever for impact she is making in mental health space. Apurva Sharma’s Elate Wellbeing focuses on a wide range of mental and physical issues affecting people.



Elate Wellbeing is an online platform helping people become happier and healthier. Elate Wellbeing provides online meditation courses, sleep therapies, online yoga programs, nutrition guidance and online mental health counselling.


Elate Wellbeing believes that to be mentally and physically fit, we don’t need to make major changes to our lifestyle. We could be fit even with our current way of living, what we need is some time to follow online guided programs regularly.


Online platform provides a great opportunity to people to adopt healthy practices without a need for going to gym or taking out lot of time to work on their wellbeing. All wellbeing programs from Elate are scientifically designed which are now proven to give immense benefits to people.

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