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You are your brain!

Think deeply about it, you live in your brain. Your brain defines your life. Your brain works 24X7 without taking any break (not even in sleep!). No doubt brain is the most important organ of our bodies. Though its only 2% of body mass but it consumes more than 20% of energy supplied to body.

Your brain is an approx. 1.5 Kgs universe that processes 70,000 thoughts each day using 100 billion neurons that connect at more than 500 trillion points through synapses that travel 300 miles/hour. Wow, it’s so much for a small organ.

How to get a health brain?

Your lifestyle has a big impact on your brain and thus your well-being. What & how much do you eat, how well you sleep, how much you exercise, and your social life- all these are aspects of your lifestyle which have a direct impact on your brain health. And the great thing is that many aspects of our lifestyle could be managed unlike genetics.

We at Elate believe that to have a happy life your brain must be healthy and to keep it healthy you must improve your mental, physical, and social well-being.

You could enhance your brain health by-

  • Meditation: mindful meditation is proven to improve mental health. It has amazing benefits on your overall life. You can now learn best meditation techniques online from Elate experts. You don’t need be a monk to get all the benefits, small sessions of 10-30 mins a day also will provide enough boost to your mental health.

  • Learning: educating yourself about new things, doing mental exercise like board games, card games, puzzles etc., picking up art as a hobby like painting, music, dancing etc., are great way to improve your mental health.

  • Physical exercises: as its said, what’s good for your heart is good for your brain too! Pick-up yoga, Pilates, walking or aerobics to improve both physical and mental well-being.

  • Indulging in brain food: what we eat has a direct effect on our brain health. For proper functioning brain requires some very special nutrients and you must ensure that your diet is rich in all these nutrients such as Omega-3, fruits and vegetables, cutting down red meat etc.

  • Good quality sleep: there is nothing more relaxing and healthier than a good night’s sleep. Quality sleep puts us in a better mood and sharpens our brains. It also gives us the energy and the ability to run our busy lives — from exercising to keeping up with our kids to excelling at work. Sleep also fights many mental issues like depression, anxiety etc.

  • Social connections: studies after studies have shown tremendous impact social life plays in enhancing well-being. Studies rate good friends and family circles more important that material aspects such as money, job etc. in determining how happy you are. Loneliness is bad for your brain. Make new friends, cultivate existing relationships, call your old friend regularly, attend social functions. Do these for some time and witness amazing happiness you will derive out of these interactions. Don’t forget to treasure your loved ones.

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