• Trishna Patnaik

Yoga during corona times

Do you know what a client asked me this morning? She felt like she is not having much more “fun” than what she used to before the quarantine period started. On asking why, she said, “Well, laziness overcame my will when I knew I had to turn up at the Studio to do yoga. But now as I have so much time at home, my life has fallen under a routine with Elate Wellbeing Lounge’s online classes!” Some may say that is the positive effect of self -isolation.

But I call it positive effects of daily yoga. And with Elate’s specialised programs for yoga for weight loss, back pain, pregnancy, etc, it has become even more interesting! Yes, you can do other exercises at home, there are lots of miscellaneous videos doing the rounds, but yoga is not just for weight loss or flexibility. It has varied advantages.

Agreed that it is very important to lose weight or gain muscles etc, but at a time like this when you are cooped up at home with nothing much to do except for work, eat and sleep and maybe occasionally be on the couch binging on a TV show, it becomes extremely important to keep your mind and body balanced. Your hormones under balance and mental clearance and patience to endure the quarantine period and come out the other side, your mental health, unscathed! All these benefits right now can be only be provided to you by YOGA.

Here are a few reasons why yoga should be your best friend this dreadful period of self -isolation and social distancing:

· It helps to unwind your mind and body at a time when you’re cooped up in a room almost all day. It is very important to declutter your mind and body.

· Yoga provides the kind of deep stretching that no other form of exercise offers. When we remain seated for most of the day or are immobile for a considerable time period, our blood flow and muscle contractions to take the hit. The body needs to stretch to avoid cramps and improve blood flow.

· Promotes the much-coveted weight loss and you can sustain the results in the long run. Since yoga is mostly done by steadily holding the posture, it promotes loss of calories.

· Improves your metabolism, absorption and assimilation of important nutrients. Hence sitting at home, you get better skin and hair.

· Yoga promotes the formation of various antigens in the body that protect you from cell damage. Hence it improves on your immunity.

· Yoga calms your mind by promoting mind-body balance, as it declutters your mind improving focus and concentration

· Deep breathing practice during yoga increases the flow of oxygen in the body, thus improving your overall well-being.

Being the Nutritionist & Wellness Expert at Elate Wellbeing, I always suggest going for something that has an overall impact on your wellbeing rather than concentrating on a single body part. These are tough times as we endure a global pandemic. It is very important to remain calm and composed. Yoga is your best bet!

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