• Sonam

Just worried or anxious?

Being concern over finances, feeling anxious about the upcoming event like interview, social gathering, going to take any examination, speaking in front of unfamiliar faces (public speaking) these are just the few examples which makes us worry or anxious. Then how do we differentiate whether we are just worried or suffering from anxiety? The difference is not very complex. We all worry from time to time and we all worry differently for different matters. Worry is a universal emotion and we feel it especially during periods of heightened stress or uncertainty of the ongoing situations in our lives. Worry is temporary short lived which comes with the stressful situation and as the situation passes away worry also leaves the person. But worries, fears and intrusive thoughts that are intense, extreme, unrealistic, or exaggerated and that interfere with normal life and daily functioning could constitute an anxiety disorder. The person suffering from anxiety disorder starts avoiding the situations which can trigger or heighten the anxiety.

anxiety and stress