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Ways To Heal Your Depression

What is depression:

Depression is delegated mood swing disorder. It might be depicted as sentiments of bitterness, sadness, or anger that affect an individual's overall wellbeing. It is considered to be a serious medical issue that negatively affects your thoughts & act. Depression behaviour causes a feeling of sadness & overall loss of interest in the activities around. Depression further leads to stress & anxiety.

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According to Elate Wellbeing consultants, it is very important to understand your level of depression so that you can heal your depression in that way.

Elate self-assessment tools help you in gauging your level of depression. Not only this, these tools help you in knowing your anxiety level, couple satisfaction, etc. the problems which arise due to depression.

Some of the common symptoms of depression as follow:-

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  • Anger, aggression, irritability, mood swings

  • Fatigue, no longer interested in favourite activities

  • Insomnia, restless sleep, excessive sleepiness

  • Reduced sexual desire, lack of sexual performance

  • Withdrawing from social engagements

  • Feeling of sadness & emptiness

  • Lack of focus & concentration

  • Changes in weights

  • Pains, headaches, cramping, low in energy

Ways to heal your depression:

According to Elate experts some of the common ways to heal your depression are as follow:

  • Exercise: Go for 30 minutes of physical activity three to five days a week. Exercise can enhance the body's production of endorphins, which are hormones that enhance your temperament. Most effective benefits come from rhythmic exercise such as swimming, walking, weight training, dancing etc. Exercise helps to heal your brain from depression & encourages the brain to create positive thoughts.

  • Meditation & mindfulness: According to research, 30 minutes mindfulness sessions are better than medicines or counselling to treat depression. Elate online meditation series helps to enhance your creativity, productivity, focus, overall well-being & help you in healing your depression. Meditation helps you in calming your thoughts & relaxing your mind.

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  • Eat healthy: Try to avoid that food which makes you lazy or sluggish as this might bring out negativity, such as food having high sugar/high fat. Food with omega-3 & folic acid help to heal your mind from depression. Elate Wellbeing nutrition experts specialize in creating healthy diet plans which are good for both your body and mind.

  • Let It Out: Try not to keep your sentiments inside. Restrained pain or outrage can develop until you burst out. Converse with a relative, companion, or specialist, or even record your thoughts in a diary. Challenge your negative thoughts & fight against them. Elate Wellbeing consultants help you in dealing with depression through face to face therapy or online consultation.

  • Get a daily dose of sunlight: Daylight/sunlight can help to boost serotonin levels and enhance your mindset. At whatever point conceivable, get outside amid sunlight hours and open yourself to the sun for somewhere around 15 minutes every day.Go out for a walk on your meal or coffee break, do gardening if you like that.You can go at climbing, strolling in a neighbourhood park, or playing golf or tennis with a companion.Not only this, let natural sunlight reach to your home or office through windows as it creates positivity and also helps in healing your depression.

Depression seems to be temporary, but it can be challenging to heal your depression. But the right method of treating your depression can lead to a happy life.

Elate Wellbeing helps you in managing your emotional, mental & physical wellbeing.

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