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The best way to new year resolutions!

“I will go for yoga classes 5 times in a row, every morning!” Sure, you will do it, Umm maybe once or twice, or maybe for a week. BUT then, what happens? The thought of waking up early, putting on the shoes and yoga attire, going to the yoga studio will start sounding dreadful. 

Even if you sustain for a few weeks, you will give yourself what experts call a moral license for a small indulgence, something like – let’s have a fried snack today, or lets’ skip exercise for today, or have a doughnut. Do you know the effort it takes for the body to rid itself of the effect of that cookie or lack of exercise for a day or two? 

Here is what you can do to start and sustain a healthy routine and turn it into a healthy


1. Think SMALL – start small, tiny small. Stack small successes first before moving to more challenging things. It could be as well as following diet plans strictly for a week or not missing any yoga session.

2. Think FUN – involve fun in your health routine. Try giggling at that Yoga pose, use dance as physical activity, listen to your favourite playlist while exercising.

3. Think COMPLEMENT – add more physical activity to your daily routine like yoga sessions, leaving the lift two floors below your office and taking the stairs. Taking lift is part of daily routine, complement it by taking using stairs will sound like a small detour and sustain.

4. Think EASY – a simple yogic stretching sitting down on your work chair is one, taking short breaks and twisting your waist is another. Idea is to make a start with easy exercises. 

5. Think PREPARATION – If you are walking in the morning, put your shoes by the door, if you are doing Yoga put out your yoga mat and attire. If you plan to reduce weight, think using small plates, bowls, and spoons. 

6. Think START – wake-up and get in action quickly before thinking logic giving mind take over. Preparing a night before will go a long way supporting this.

7. Think MINDFULL – “We are what we have been eating and breathing”. Being mindful what & how we are eating and how we are breathing is very important. Awareness is the key. You may also try guided mindfulness meditation sessions.

8. Think CHILL – chilling out with friends, family, a pet will release those healthy hormones that keep you motivated and slow down the ageing process. Importance of healthy sleep cannot be overemphasized.

9. Think Team – group yoga sessions, partner health goals are much easier to follow than individual plans. The team gives the motivation to continue working on self. Encouraging each other in a group goes a long way in building healthy habits.

10. Think GRATITUDE – “A daily grateful check-in or keeping a gratitude journal is a way to shift your focus and minimize the distorting influence of stress. Reminding ourselves of the small, everyday positive aspects of our lives helps to develop a sense of balance and perspective that can enhance well-being,” says Johns Hopkins psychiatrist Susan Lehmann, M.D.

Laziness is a habit and so is perseverance. We at Elate will assist you in defining a customized health routine, break it down in small steps till it becomes your second nature and most importantly, keep you motivated. Our specially curated New Year Resolution Plans 2020 (#elate-nyr-2020) will help you meet your physical and mental health goals for years to come. 

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