• Trishna Patnaik

Sleep well without those pills

Did you sleep well last night? And no, by sleep well I did not mean waking up when a dry leaf dropped in your balcony or visiting the washroom 3-4 times, in between “good sleep”. Sleep in its wider sense refers to a number of things that needs to be taken care of BEFORE hitting the bed. This ritual should start by early evening itself.

Sleep is the most underrated among all the legs of wellbeing. Most of us know that we are probably not sleeping enough due to various reasons, or even if the time duration is adequate, the quality of sleep is not good, but again we do not usually enough time or awareness to understand and act upon it. Hence, we fall under the vicious cycle of not sleeping, low immunity, fatigue, lethargy and ultimately we take the help of sleeping pills!

Without adequate sleep, no matter how great a lifestyle we maintain, fitness regimes, great diets will be a waste, because it is only during sleep that your body: