• Trishna Patnaik

8 Simple Dietary Tips for Winter

Sometimes people get dissuaded to adopt healthy dietary habits thinking these are too tough. Elate Nutritionists have created a list of simple Dos and Dont's for this winter season.

1. Almond Milk- Take 15 almonds, add a little water, churn and strain. Drink this post-breakfast every morning to boost your mood and mental health.

2. Ingest a clove of garlic on an empty stomach each morning to boost your kidney functions.

3. Do not consume nuts and olive oil together in any form. This combination can make you sick because the protein in nuts and the fat in olive oil don’t mix. Thus the raw fat being digested will prevent the protein from being digested.

4. Do not consume your morning fruit juice with a cereal breakfast even though it is a popular practice. These acids and fruits salts present in juices lowers the activity of the enzymes that digest carbohydrates.

5. Carrots are in season right now! Get your daily dose of 100gm-150gm of carrot on a regular basis. They are packed with vitamin A and powerful antioxidants that help protect against certain diseases like prostate & breast cancer.

6. Sprinkle a little of pomegranate seeds on top of your salads & soups for the extra anti-ageing benefits of the polyphenols present in them.

7. Fight fatigue, shortness of breath & paleness one whole banana each day. It boosts your iron & potassium levels like no other.

8. Facing severe hunger pangs even after a whole meal? Drink around 250 ml of freshly squeezed karela ras every morning post breakfast. The bioactive component lectin decreases your appetite naturally.

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