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Quarantine diet plan- stay fit without fancy diets

Following a fancy diet plan with a lot of options is not what we aspire right now. With the 21 days lockdown, resources are limited. So are the available options. But does that mean we need to be off diet plan this whole time? No. We can follow a simple from-the-kitchen diet plan that can be low in calories and easy to make. Elate Wellbeing diet experts have curated following a diet plan to help you keep fit without fancy diet.

To manage weight or to remain fit while stuck at home need not be difficult to do or time-consuming. As a matter of fact, all the meals or items that we need are always available in our kitchens. It is important to understand that we as a race eat a lot more than we burn or our body requires. So especially at a time like this, when we are staying home and workout options are limited or there is lack of time due to increased household chores, Simple Eating is the key. Eat simple foods that cost less, ingredients of which are easily available and demands minimum preparation time. Here are 10 meal options for each meal that can help you:

BREAKFAST: Most important meal of the day. Should be filling and calorie-dense but easy to make.

· Poha

· Eggs & Toast

· Stuffed Roti

· Missi Roti out of leftover dal

· Rawa Upma

· Oats Chilla/Moong dal chilla

· Bread Poha

· Vegetable Daliya or Porridge

· Whole wheat pancakes

· Methi Parantha

MID-MORNING: Something light. But should fill the gap to improve metabolism.

· Fruit

· Yogurt

· Homemade Buttermilk

· Coconut Water

· Vegetable juices

· Sandwich

· Green Tea+ Wheat Crackers

· Dry fruits (almonds+ walnuts+raisins)

· Apple slices topped with peanut butter

· Roasted salted makhana

LUNCH: Should be the last calories dense meal of the day.

· Roti+ Vegetables+Salad

· Dal Rice

· Moong dal khichdi+ Curd

· Vegetable Pulav + Curd

· Black Chana Masala+ Roti/ Rice

· Besan Chilla+ Green Chutney

· Grilled Non-veg+ Roti+ Salad

· Dal palak+ Rice+ Mint Cucumber Raita

· Tomato Rice/Curd Rice/Lemon Rice

· Rawa Dosa+ Sambhar/Dal (Avoid coconut chutney)

EVENING SNACK: Very light and high in protein along with a cup of green tea.

· Sprouts Chaat

· Roasted chana or roasted chickpea

· Rajma Chaat

· Murmura

· Dry roasted poha mixture

· Seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, flax)

· Raw Salad with flaxseeds

· Egg whites (2-3)

· Banana+ Skimmed milk smoothies

· Muesli + Skimmed Milk

DINNER: Light and low calories, no sugar or starchy items.

· Dal soup with vegetables

· Grilled paneer + vegetable

· Sauteed Broccoli+ Brown Rice

· Lauki Raita+ salad

· Clear Vegetable Soup+ Atta bread toast

· Green Leafy Vegetables + Roti

· Vegetable/Chicken Stew with Brown rice

· Paneer/ Egg Bhurji (scrambled with vegetables) + Toast

· Pepper bhindi roast+ roti/ rice+ dal

· Wheat pasta with sauteed paneer/vegetables

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