• Trishna Patnaik

Post Holi Detox: Get fit again!

Holi or any other festivals are a great time to enjoy and rejuvenate. However, these occasions also lead us to eat heavy and sugary food, changed eating and sleep routine. Hence, when we get over with festivities we feel tired, upset tummy, low energy, as well as a guilt feeling of eating so much.

Do not worry, with simple diet tips from Elate Wellbeing Nutrition Experts which can be adopted for a day or two will help you feel better again.

On waking up: Lukewarm water 250 ml+ 1 tbsp aloe vera juice

Half an hour later: Cucumber+ Mint+ Ginger (Infused water) 300 ml

(5-6 slices of cut cucumber+ 3-4 mint leaves+ 1-inch ginger soak in 300-350 ml water overnight at room temperature)

Breakfast: Millet Upma with veggies (1 bowl)

Mid-Morning: 1 green apple + 250 ml coconut water+ A small piece of jaggery

Lunch: Dal soup (1 tbsp yellow moong dal+ louki+ carrot+ pumpkin)

(1 bowl)

Evening: 5-7 soaked peeled almonds+ 2 walnuts+ 10 raisins

1 cup green tea

Dinner: Shredded paneer+ boiled chickpea+ veggies (cabbage, broccoli and green leafies) (Stir-fried)

Learn more on how Elate can help you in your journey of happier and healthier you.

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