• Trishna Patnaik

Positivity in the lock-down period

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Though for most of the people this lockdown is not easy to take. But since we all know this is the most important step taken by our government to prevent the outbreak we are either happily or forcefully following it. We often come across a lot of negativity that is being circulated in the media these days. But amongst all this once I started counting only the positive things happening to me in my life, I ended up creating a rather long list:

1. Regular Workout ( Elate wellbeing the best Yoga studio is conducting free online zoon sessions) – I am able to do my Yoga without any hassle at the comfort of my house at my convenient time.

2. Having fresh and nutritious food in all the meals - since I am able to plan well in advance and can cook with the help of my family just before we have to eat, we are having the freshest food every time without keeping anything in the refrigerator. ( Elate Wellbeing Nutrition Plan)

3. Resource optimization- We are using all the resources to the most optimum ways as we know the importance of having them

4. Less Garbage produced - Somehow I have observed the amount of garbage has reduced to a large extent at our house because we are more aware of our consumption.

5. No food wastage- Since we are making as much as we need every time, there is no need to store and thus no wastage

6. The house looks cleaner always as everyone knows that it's we who have to do it so, than spreading we believe in picking up these days

7. Focused work - since we have more focused time to think and carry out our work, productivity levels have risen.

8. Quality Time - We are able to spend quality time as a family, the board games and the carom board have seen the light of the day after many years

9. Learning new skills- Since my technologically versed kids have more time, I am trying to learn a few skills from them

10. Meditate- I am able to allocate time for mediation every day, thanks to Elate Wellbeing online meditation sessions

11. Guilt-free- Since we are at home totally, I don’t have the guilt to leave my kids or my pet and I am still working

12. I see so many people coming out and sit in the balcony in the evening which is a rare sight

13. I see the blue sky, the stars, I hear the most unusual sounds of the birds, I hear the sound of the breeze , I feel the fresh air things which I overlooked in the past because of my busy schedule.

14. I have not spent any money on petrol nor on eating out!! As a result of which, we have started saving money.

15. I am making sure to connect with the family and friends regularly, even with those I hadn’t spoken for years.

16. I am getting time to introspect and reflect

17. I am getting time to indulge in self-care and self-love

18. I am getting time to read a few books which I had collected over a period of time and pursue my other hobbies.

And lastly, it brings immense satisfaction to know that by us staying at home, we are not putting other’s lives in danger and are positively able to contribute to our society.

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