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Paschimottanasana- Yoga asana of the month

Paschimottanasana, the seated forward bend, is an important asana in Hatha Yoga. This is one yoga asana which demonstrates your flexibility. In the month of February, we at Elate Wellbeing are trying to perfect this asana for each of our subscribers. It can be done at home also. Do proper warm-up before trying this.

If your hands are not able to reach knees then consider your current state as zero (0), state one (1) if you can reach up to your feet but unable to touch toes, if they could touch toes state is two (2), if you could easily embrace both your feet then three (3), and finally state four (4) if you could touch your nose to your knees. This ranking system will help you assess your progress.

This can be performed in 4 stages:

1. The person sits with their leg stretched forward, and then tries to extend their hands

2. The person touches the knee, calf, ankles with their hand

3. The person touches the toes with their hands and tries to hold the toes

4. The final stage is when the person holds the toes, keeps elbows at the sides of the knees, and touches the knees with their forehead or nose

We at Elate are aiming for state 3 or 4 for all our subscribers this month.

The benefits of Paschimottanasana are immense, it can be performed almost every day:

1 Stretches the spine, shoulder, hamstrings.

2 Helps in reducing headaches and anxiety

3 Helps in reducing pains during menstruation.

4 Stimulates the internal organs like liver, kidney, uterus and ovaries

5 Helps relieve stress and mild depression

People having any of the following should not do of Paschimottanasana or they should seek expert inputs before attempting these asanas at home:

1 Pregnant Women

2 Slip disc and severe back pain patients

3 People with Back injury

4 A patient suffering from abdominal ulcers

5 Those having Diarrhea

6 People suffering from Asthma

7 People having Sciatica pain

Learn more about various yoga poses and their suitability for you from Elate Wellbeing experts.

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