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Navratri Diet Plan- Fasting With Health Benefits

Elate Wellbeing Nutrition Experts have prepared following diet plan which have added benefits of improving your health. We understand that most of you are at home due to coronavirus lock-down, however it should not deter you from following navratras. You may speak to our diet experts in Gurgaon if you wish to seek some inputs on specific issues on this diet plan.

EARLY MORNING: 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water 1 fruit (apple/pear/guava)

BREAKFAST: 1 cup of milk (low fat) 1 handful of nuts OR Mint+ Coriander juice (300 ml) Sweet potato + low fat curd OR Grilled paneer tikki + curd 1 fruit OR Kuttu atta pakoda with curd Pineapple juice with pulp

LUNCH: Kuttu atta roti + curd OR Vegetable sabudana khichdi OR Grilled paneer tikki + mint chutney OR Rajgeera roti + shakarkand curry (sweet potato) OR Dahi wale arbi+ kuttu puri

EVENING/ MID MEAL OPTIONS: 1 bowl papaya (apple/guava/pear) OR Low fat yogurt with nuts & raisins OR Makhana kheer OR Aloo Chaat OR Baked banana OR Grilled arbi cutlet+ curd

BEDTIME: Fruit Cream OR Sabudana vada + curd OR Almond milk + Kesar OR Samo rice+ curd OR Paneer Tikki + mint chutney OR Banana Shake (low fat milk) OR Singhara atta roti+ Paneer sabji

BENEFITS OF THE ELATE WELLBEING NAVRATRI DIET PLAN: ▪ Lose water weight ▪ Loss of fat ▪ Detoxification ▪ Improved metabolism ▪ Improved digestion ▪ Nutrient dense with low calories (no hidden calories) Do you want to lose weight? Are you looking for Diet plans for improving gut health, strengthen immunity, have a better sleep quality, handle acidity? Speak to Elate Nutrition Consultant for effective diet plans that work. Our Nutritionists and Dieticians in Gurugram, specialise in creating healthy diet plans which are good for both your body and mind. 

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