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7 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life (For the better)

As per the science of Ayurveda, by awakening at one and a half hours, or if nothing else twenty minutes, before the sun rises you experience "special energy in the air." This special energy really makes it less demanding to get up, instead of holding up until after the sun rises, which can make you feel lethargic or as many of us have experienced, irritable and anxious.

We all have morning routines; go to the bathroom, brush our teeth, shower, grab a cup of tea or coffee, drive to work, etc. But, morning routine is different to morning ritual.

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Routine Vs Ritual

While a routine is an action that you do without really thinking & out of habit, a ritual is a purposeful, intentional, and reliable action or practice to enable you to accomplish an objective. It isn't your main thing to such an extent as how and why you do it.

Mornings are the best part of the day, and morning rituals enhance productivity & lead to success. Additionally, they can improve the quality of your day, and the quality of your life, deepen your spiritual and emotional connections, reduce your stress, and make you more productive.

According to Elate Wellbeing experts, following are the morning rituals that can change your life:

  • Move Your Body:

In the wake of having been practically immobile for up to 8 or 9 hours for the duration of the night, you may wake up stiff and sluggish. You can easily remedy this feeling by incorporating some movement into your morning ritual.By following this morning ritual, it helps in weight control.

Attempt a few stretches, morning yoga or a pleasant run. This will boost your immune system, increase the flow of oxygen within your body and brain, which in turn will boost your mood and creativity later on.

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  • Start a sadhana practice:

With a spiritual yoga practice, each and every sadhana is unique to the practitioner, which means you can tailor it to be exactly what you need to feel your best in the morning. Try incorporating asana, pranayama, and Elate meditation program to your sadhana practice in the morning ritual, sticking to the same ritual for at least forty days before switching to something new in order to truly feel the total benefits.

  • Have a nice breakfast:

According to Elate nutrition experts, breakfast is the most essential meal of your day as it gives you the nutrients to your body needs for performance. By taking the time to include breakfast in your morning ritual enhances productivity & helps in weight loss. The more vitality you have, the more profitable you will be.Elate nutrition experts specialise in creating healthy diet plans which are good for both your body and mind.

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  • Journaling:

Journaling is such a powerful morning ritual which you can incorporate it into your sadhana practice. But even on its own, journaling is a simple, always accessible form of morning ritual that will help you clear your mind for the day. Oftentimes an individual who journal discover a mantra for the day, a simple word or phrase becomes the focus and intention behind everything you do. This type of clarity helps you to see the big picture as you face challenges during the day.

  • Express gratitude:

Sometimes we forget how amazing it is to simply wake up to a new day and be grateful for being alive. Every morning before you get up, repeat this aloud: “I AM grateful for this day” and see how your day changes. It’s a great way to start your morning and even has the power to put you in a better mood. By expressing gratitude as morning ritual helps in dealing with depression & anxiety.

  • Drink Warm Water:

Rather than having coffee or tea as first thing when u get up, add warm water with lemon or lime in your morning ritual. According to Ayurveda, the first thing you drink sets the entire tone for your day. By picking warm citrus water you don't just stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, but you also get a boost of vitamins and minerals from the lemon or lime, which are found to be beneficial for digestion as well.This morning ritual helps in weight control also.

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  • Uplift Your Mind:

Instead of letting the morning news or the overwhelm of social media greet you in the morning, start your day with something that will truly uplift and inspire you as your morning ritual. It will make a big difference in your outlook for the day and the rest of your life. Try a book (audio or not), podcast, or some music that truly uplifts your spirits and gets you excited to be alive.

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To conclude, according to Elate experts continuously practicing these 7 morning rituals will transform these things into strong habits, where you can lead the successful, productive, happier life you want.
Contact Elate experts to seek guidance on morning rituals & for overall wellbeing.

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