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Mindfulness Meditation & It's Benefits

What is mindfulness meditation:

Mindfulness meditation is the practice of intentionally concentrating on the present minute and going through it without judgment. Mindfulness has been observed to be a key component in stress reduction and helpful in attaining overall happiness. It involves focusing on your own emotions, feelings, sensations, thoughts in the present moment. Mindfulness meditation is very helpful in stress & anxiety.

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How to Do It:

According to Elate Wellbeing experts, learning mindfulness meditation is easy to adapt, Elate Wellbeing's beginners- mindfulness meditation program can help you as you begin (especially in case you're doing it for wellbeing purposes). A few people do it for 10 minutes, however, even a couple of minutes consistently can have any kind of effect. Here is a basic strategy for you to begin:

  • Look for a quiet & comfortable place. Sit in a chair or on the floor with neck, back, shoulder straight & be active.

  • Close your eyes & concentrate on present thoughts, neglecting all past & future thoughts.

  • Now just concentrate on breath. How the breath is entering through nostrils & the way it’s going out. Keep the hand on your stomach and feel the movement of belly breathing.

  • Watch each thought travelling through your mind, regardless of whether it be stress, fear, nervousness or expectation. At the point when these emotions come up in your mind, don't overlook or smother them however basically note them, keep quiet and utilize your breathing as an anchor.

  • In the situation that you end up carried away in your thoughts, focus where your brain headed out to, without judging and basically come back to your breathing. Keep in mind not to be challenging for yourself if this occurs.

  • At the end sit for a minute or two, just be aware of where you are & then gradually get up.

Physical & mental benefits of mindfulness meditation:

  • A healthy heart: According to recent studies practising mindfulness meditation reduces blood pressure. It improves blood circulation. Hence, mindfulness meditation activities keep heart healthy. Along with this healthy eating is also very important for a healthy mind & body. Elate Nutrition experts specialise in creating healthy diet plans which are good for both your body and mind.

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  • Stronger immune system: Frequent mindfulness meditation exercises help meditators to cure their stomach problems. Mindfulness meditation effects the functioning of the immune system & also shows improvement in all the digestive problems

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  • Reduce stress & anxiety: Stress management is one of the most important benefits of mindfulness meditation. Stress and anxiety come up when we feel that the difficulties and circumstances confronting us are unmanageable. The stress hormone cortisol is discharged by the brain each time we get into difficult circumstances. Research recently proved that cortisol creation diminished essentially in the brain of meditators who practice Elate online mindfulness meditation program.

  • Improve mental retention: As we age, our mind works bit by bit decreases and memory loss is normal. Researchers presently trust that mindfulness meditation practice can enable good working of the mind. In fact, normal Elate 20-minute guided meditation sessions can support memory and enhance mind work in those with an early stage of dementia or other intellectual issues.

  • Better sleep: Most people suffer from sleeping disorder & majorly it’s because of the disturbance in work-life balance. Studies show that individuals who practice mindfulness meditation have longer & better sleep. Elate sleep program also enhances the quality of sleep. Mindfulness meditation reduces stress & anxiety hence leads to a peaceful sleep.

In short, according to recent studies mindfulness meditation improves mental, physical & emotional wellbeing.

In Elate Wellbeing's beginners- mindfulness meditation program, experts share practices on breath meditation which is the focus of this program. Towards the end of this program Elate meditation experts briefly introduce mindfulness practices on body sensation, thoughts, sound etc.

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