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Meditation for this Month: Loving Kindness Meditation

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Loving Kindness Meditation (LKM) is the act of developing the sentiment of widespread love, love for all beings, instead of individual or sentimental love. This is regularly done by coordinating well wishes towards yourself as well as other people. Loving-kindness meditation in Buddhism is known as Metta or compassion meditation.

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Both Tibetan Buddhism and Bhakti Yoga emphasise the importance of cultivating love, which is why mindfulness and Loving-Kindness Meditation became very popular in America.

The Pali Canon, a collection of scriptures in the Theravadan Buddhist tradition says of Loving Kindness Meditation: “One sleeps easily, wakes easily, dreams no evil dreams, One’s mind gains concentration quickly. One’s complexion is bright. One dies unconfused.”

The loving-kindness meditation is amongst the most famous meditation techniques around, and all things considered. Loving-kindness is really helpful for self. Those who practice loving-kindness meditation regularly are able to increase their capacity for forgiveness, connection to others, self-acceptance, and more. Loving-kindness meditation benefits for stress relief & reduction of anxiety as well. Loving Kindness meditation is to focus on loving energy toward oneself & toward others.

According to Elate meditation experts, following is a simple and effective loving-kindness meditation technique to try:

  • Take out some peaceful time for yourself (even a couple of minutes will work.) and sit easily. Close your eyes, loosen up your muscles and take a couple of deep breaths.

  • Imagine yourself experiencing complete physical and emotional wellness and inner peace. Imagine feeling perfect love for yourself, thanking yourself for all that you are, knowing that you are just right, just as you are. Focus on this feeling of inner peace, and visualize that you are breathing out tension and breathing in feelings of love.

  • Repeat certain loving-kindness phrases to yourself:

May I be happy.

May I be safe.

May I be healthy, peaceful, and strong.

May I give and receive appreciation today.


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  • Try to remain in these affirmations for some time & feel it. In case your attention diverts then try to redirect to feelings of loving-kindness within you.

  • Begin with someone who you are very close to, either a spouse, a child, a parent, or a best friend. Feel your gratitude and love for them. Stay with that feeling. You may want to repeat the following phrases or similar ones that bring about feelings of loving-kindness within you:

May you be happy.

May you be safe.

May you be healthy, peaceful, and strong.

May you give and receive appreciation today.

  • When you've held these sentiments toward that individual, bring other important individuals from your life into your awareness, one by one, and imagine them with perfect wellbeing and internal harmony. At that point branch out to different loved ones, at that point neighbours and associates, even different gatherings of individuals around the globe. You can extend these feelings of loving-kindness to individuals in different nations around the world and focus on a feeling of connection and compassion.

  • When your loving-kindness meditation is complete (which is whenever you decide), open your eyes and remember that you can revisit that wonderful feeling throughout the day. Memorize how the loving-kindness meditation feels and revisit this feeling with just a few deep breaths and a shift in focus throughout the day.

Loving Kindness Meditation also has continued benefits for those that practice more frequently. Elate experts help you in guiding for online loving-kindness meditation practice.

Below are some incredible benefits of Loving Kindness Meditation:

  • Calm down your Inner Critic:

We as a whole have an inner dialogue and constant chatter that goes on inside our mind. For a large number of us, this voice inside our heads can be out and out dreadful. Loving-kindness Meditation Research demonstrates this basic voice can be restrained through practising this meditation. Beyond reducing self-criticism and depressive symptoms as a benefit of loving-kindness meditation, practitioners likewise experienced improvements in self-sympathy and positive feelings.

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  • Enhance Positive Emotions:

In case you're hoping to boost your happiness and prosperity, loving-kindness meditation could be the ideal practice for you. According to research, practising Loving Kindness Meditation continuously increases multiple positive emotions including love, joy, contentment, gratitude, pride, hope, interest, amusement. These positive feelings at that point had a progressively strong influence on the participants, increasing both life satisfaction and reducing depressive symptoms.

  • Strengthens your Capacity for Empathy:

Regularly practising Loving Kindness Meditation has been proved to activate and strengthen areas of the brain responsible for empathy. One of them is the most important benefits of empathy that it improves relationships. Increased empathy can also lead to more compassionate action.

  • Reduces pain & migraine:

Loving Kindness Meditation brings calmness in the body, hence helps in reducing chronic pain & reduces emotional tensions related to migraines.

  • Increases Compassion:

Loving Kindness Meditation may be one of the most effective practices of increasing compassion. Being more compassionate has a host of benefits, including improved health, well-being, and relationships.

To conclude, Start with a small, but daily, commitment to Loving Kindness meditation. If you commit to just five minutes each day to Elate Loving-kindness Meditation Program, also if you stick with it, and you’ll start to see benefits soon enough.

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