• Trishna Patnaik

Managing Weight During Corona Lock-down

This is the time when we all in the family are at home, we are social distancing, we are working from home, and are restricting our movement out of the house to a bare minimum. If we don’t have a good healthy routine there is a chance that we may put on weight.

Reasons being:

1 No going out, so less movement

2 Working from home, sitting at a stretch for long hours

3 Watching TV with family and binging on junk food like chips etc

4 Eating whatever is available without planning

5 Eating more quantities as all the meals are along with family and we start enjoying

6 Not following up with the workout routine

7 Sleeping late and waking up late

8 Indulging in big spreads more often

9 Consuming more tea, coffee and juices

10 Spending more time on digital devices