Is your weight loss plan effective on a long run ?

Written By Apala Guha | 5 Min Read

Why do we believe our Weight loss approach at Elate Wellbeing is effective in the long run?

In our current lifestyle we see a profound change in dietary patterns occurring in concern with increased changes particularly in the food sector.

We must emphasize or take in consideration about our changing dietary patterns that are increasingly unhealthy, unsustainable, and inequitable and therefore needs an intervention to understand the changing patterns and suggest an effective method to approach weight loss that is benefited in long term

Losing weight is considered a tough task. Especially when you are following a charted path of what to eat and what not to eat. Based on the kind of dietary restriction it is impossible to maintain over the long term.

At Elate Wellbeing, we believe that weight loss management should be effective, sustainable in the long run. It should not happen that due to some diet plans you lose weight but you gain it again as soon as you leave that diet plan.

What is our approach to weight loss diet program?

Being the Nutritionist, all my clients at Elate Wellbeing Lounge are currently going through diet plans that are largely customized to their specific needs which cater to their wellness, it is no surprise that I consider it my personal duty to let them know what will help them in the long term.

It is as the saying goes “You do not eat for the body you have but the health you need”. This is sole because I need my clients to not be dependent on a diet chart forever.

I have had several conversations about this concept with our in-house Yoga Experts as well as the Meditation Facilitators. They all have one important factor in mind: SUSTAINABILITY.

There are two main aspects for every weight loss program which is Diet plan and any physical form of exercise.

But the real question is With all the available kind of diet and physical form of exercise what is more sustainable and effective in the long term? After all Losing weight does not mean compromising on immunity, lean mass or water content of your body. if you come to think of it, losing excess weight is important and so is gaining health!

Sustainability from an exercise perspective

There are several forms of exercises that help us stay fit, including online weight loss yoga programs. You must have often heard people saying that as soon as they stop a typical form of exercise, they tend to gain back the weight.

Yoga that disproves the above fact. We get a lot of Questions on Yoga over other forms exercise hence we believe Yoga is a best combination of exercising the body and training the mind at the same time. It focuses on the mental and physical aspects of health. Hence it gives sustainable results and helps in preventing weight gain.

What are sustainable diets and their role in the management of weight loss?

According to FAO ( Food and agricultural organization

“Sustainable diets are protective and respectful of biodiversity and ecosystems, culturally acceptable, accessible, economically fair and affordable; nutritionally adequate, safe and healthy, while optimizing natural and human resources”

In general, A sustainable diet constitutes higher plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts and legumes which are easy to follow and are accessible at great ease.

By following a sustainable lifestyle not only are we helping ourselves but we are indirectly contributing to various dimensions associated with sustainability

Qualities of a Sustainable diet plan

According to the Dr. Jo Fitness Plan, a sustainable diet should consist of

· Balance diet

Foods are rich in certain nutrients. It should contain all the necessary nutrients, needed for your health condition. Never fill your stomach with only certain some foods by neglecting others. Some take more calcium foods, but they ignore other minerals.

· Sufficient food

A healthy diet contains a quantity adequate to maintain health. Your diet should provide you with necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins, sufficient enough to replace those which you use up daily.

· Calorie control

You must watch it if you take no more calories than you use. Food that is not burned by physical or mental activities is stored in the body in the shape of fat. Fat, stored in the body and not used, causes many health problems.

· Variety in food

You should eat different foods. Modern children are picky in their eating habits and they eat the same food they like. You should ensure all nutrients in your diet. Eating a lot of the same food may increase only toxins.

Our goals for you is not achieved by Instant gratification?

It should be remembered that there is a scientific reason why fad diets like keto, Atkins, etc are not considered to be good for the body. While it makes you lose weight very quickly, it robs you of some very important nutrients while hindering the absorption of others.

the fact that losing weight with yo-yo diet techniques make you gain back the weight faster than you actually lost it hence you are stuck in this loop forever.

When you restrict yourself or go on for a long period without occasionally indulging in your favorite kind of food, your body develops some form of craving. Psychologically, you feel bound. That’s when you actually do eat, you end up eating a lot more than you should.

This kind of bulimic behavior results in weight gain, physiological discomfort and digestive issues, not to mention the guilt trip that you go on! Rather than “dieting”, clean eating or eating right should be your aim.

Nothing comes easy so our goal for you is to develop a habit of consuming a diet plan that is well-balanced, healthy and calorie-controlled (not restricted). Science is proof that small lifestyle modifications take about 90 days to become a habit. Post this time period, it will not seem like a task to you, but just your regular lifestyle.

What do we recommend?

At Elate, sustainable eating is the key milestone of successful weight loss, maintenance and better mental health. The key points include:

  • Eat Local and seasonal: No need to eat imported stuff or non-seasonal foods. the reason you should eat seasonal Fruits and vegetables because they not only taste good only when they are locally procured but have better nutrition absorption rate .

  • Eat Natural: Avoid processed food and eat whole foods. This way, you will save your body from any unwanted chemicals and toxins.

  • Moderation is the key: Food is to be enjoyed, but at the same time overindulgence or fighting against it for weight loss is not good as well.

  • Avoid diet fads: You will hear about a new diet plan every day like keto, fasting, juice-based diet etc, however not all have any scientifically proven advantages. Avoid such plans and follow simple eating habits for a healthy life.

  • Mindful eating: Eat your food mindfully, observe its texture, aroma, taste. Digestion starts in the mouth, but we chew less nowadays. Mindful eating enhances the flavor, makes you avoid over-eating, and improves digestions. Avoid distractions like phones, TV, reading. It is your time for eating and spending time with family.

Once you adopt a sustainable eating right philosophy to lose weight, not only are you giving your body the essential nutrients that it needs while taking away extra calories but also, you are investing in your future body and health.