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How to Handle the Stress and Anxiety of kids during this time of Corona

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

This is the time when all the family is home. Unlike normal weekends which go away in the blink of an eye, this precautionary leave is here to stay. Most of the parents are working from home but the younger kids feel like its an extended holiday. Elate Wellbeing experts have created steps to ensure that your kids do not suffer stress and anxiety during quarantine period.

These are stressful times, with all types of news and information being heavily circulated; imagine the impact it must be having on these young delicate minds. What memories would they carry all along, and how would this all impact them in the long run? These are some of the questions we all need to start thinking about if we haven’t already been doing so.

Since the situation around is not in our control and we don’t know if it is momentary or here to stay, let us start thinking about how we can make the most of this period, with our families so that when our kids look back, they remember happy times filled with love and togetherness. Here are some steps we can follow as parents:

  1. We should be very careful when sharing or discussing news and videos especially in front of children who will then interpret and understand this information in their own way which might result in anxiety.

  2. We must educate them about all the preventive measure that can be taken and give them information on the subject while making sure that it is age-appropriate and would not unduly stress them.

  3. They become anxious when they see us getting panicked or stressed, so please take care of the way we are reacting in front of them.

  4. Since their movement outside is restricted and they are not meeting their friends and relatives, we can try making them speak to their close ones on video calling etc. this will give them something to look forward to and comfort them.

  5. Keep them busy with proper planning of engaging activities throughout the course of the day.

  6. Their daily schedule must be well balanced so that they spend adequate time with their family, have time to do creative and engaging activities like gardening, painting, watching movies. Involving children in household chores would also help them bond with their family members

  7. Give them tasks where they get the feeling of contributing to the family

  8. Have a routine of sleeping at night and waking up as the normal working days, meal timings must also be fixed

  9. Keep an eye out for behavioural changes, which may be a sign of anxiety. Encouraging them to express their feelings and share may be helpful in such situations.

Young Kids learn from the ways we elders behave, they keenly observe our movements, our reactions, and how well we are handling the situation. So let them see our happiest selves. Let us also be excited about their holidays and try to keep them motivated and engaged while keeping the environment at home lively and cheerful. Let us all be together with our little ones in these difficult times and give them some extra attention and happy memories.

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