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How to be fit during corona times?

When our experts at Elate Wellbeing are interacting with our clients, we get one common input that being locked down at home can be one of the hardest things that we will ever have to do. When we are at our workplace, sometimes going home is all we think of. Now the ample time that we have received is not what we have taken voluntarily and not something we were looking forward to! On top that, we cannot move out freely like we would have on a normal day off. All this causes a certain amount of stress in the mind & body.

Another important side to this story is that our fitness regime has come to a standstill. Gyms, fitness clubs, yoga studios (Elate Wellbeing is now offering online yoga and meditation classes: write to us to know more) have had to close down under the crucial circumstances. When our mind and body are not in positive & goal-oriented motion, we tend to throw all positivity out of the window.

Therefore, to stay calm, focussed and fit, trying out home remedies to stay fit at home is the most important thing. Your home regime should include 4 basic things:

1. Nutrition & Clean Eating

2. Yoga/ Workout that suits you

3. Meditation & Mind Calming Techniques

4. Good sound sleep


We don’t need to say it out loud that all outside and ready to eat items should be stopped at this point. Only home cooked food, food in which you know what has been put is your best bet. Staying away from even food poisoning or any related infection is important as weakened immunity is the last thing you want right now.

Your diet should be rich in nuts, seeds, dry fruits, whole grain items, fresh fruits & greens. Antioxidant rich items like berries and citrus fruits will help up your immunity. Try to cut down on fats as your body at home needs minimum number of calories. Hence any extra food that you ingest will be stored as fat and will ultimately result in weight gain. Stay away from smoke, alcohol, junk, deep fried items & soda.


Your body needs to breathe. Yoga or any other form of indoor workouts like circuit trainings can help release the much-needed endorphins at this time. Also, gaining weight is the last thing you want right now. Not getting to go out does not mean your life has to become sedentary, all that you really need is will power and consistency. For that you really don’t need to be extreme. Certain forms of exercises that need limited space and can be easily done at home are:

· Yoga

· HIIT- Hight Intensity Interval Training

· Cardio Circuits

· Reverse lunges with front raise

· Plank

· High plank with shoulder tap

· Flutter kicks

· Sit ups & crunches, side crunches

· Wall sits

· Squats

· Push ups

· Stretching exercises

· Mountain Climbing

· Leg Raises & side kicks

· Side plank

· Bicycle crunches

· Burpees


Meditation & mind calming techniques are very important to keep your mind sane during such stressful times. Different kinds of breath anchoring techniques, deep breaths, concentration practices can help. Just sitting eyes closed and listening to different kinds of sounds around you while being aware of your breathing pattern can go a long way in calming your mind.


Sleep is when your body recuperates, most importantly builds & structures your immune system. A well-rested body and mind helps you to get through the day easily as well as helps in hormonal & metabolic balance which in turn helps you in maintaining your body weight. Sleep helps boost digestion hence nutrients are assimilated best by the body. Sleep is the way for your brain to focus on brain hormone production & healing the body.

You don’t need to be worried about staying fit when locked at home. Alternatively, this time can be used very effectively if you remain calm & mindful. Your body is used to worse conditions after all this is only a time to rest right? It is only a phase, you will get through this by following definite regime and small lifestyle modifications.

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