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Hormonal balancing food during quarantine

It is not easy to keep a check on the stress levels during the time when the globe is facing a pandemic. Staying cooped up only adds to the problem. Both meditation and breathing are of immense help during these times there are certain factors especially in females that cannot be controlled. There are increased levels of stress as we sit home pondering on the future that is to come after this, how are we going to cope, etc. Additionally, this has an increased influence on female hormones as it surges causing even more stress symptoms.

Elate Wellbeing diet experts and nutritionists have prepared a diet plan to balance hormone in the body while being locked-down in quarantine. Utilise this time to be happy and healthy.

Considering that stress levels cannot always be controlled, there is, of course, one thing that can be modified and that is your dietary choices. There are certain food choices that you can make to keep your hormonal imbalance in check. This will, in turn, have a positive effect on your stress levels as well. Stress causes emotional changes in the body that can be another reason to experience adverse hormonal changes.


1. Try including healthy fats in your daily diet- Nuts & Seeds, fatty fish, eggs, olive oil

2. High protein diet- Lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, paneer, low-fat cheese, soya

3. High Fibre Meal- Whole grains, whole wheat, millets, fruits, vegetables, raw salad, oats

4. Try to include a cup of green tea every day.

5. Include foods that are rich in antioxidants like citrus fruits, berries, salads, sprouts

6. Give the sugar load a skip. Avoid sugary beverages, processed foods, sweets, refined carbohydrates, simple sugars, etc.

7. Do not starve yourself, alternatively try to avoid overeating. Pulsing in blood sugar levels can produce unwanted shifts in hormones.


1. Do some physical activity every day.

2. Try to fix a sleeping time and wake up times.

3. Practice meditation daily 10 minutes

If your sleep, dietary habits, mind and body are aligned, you can cope with any amount of stress or emotional disturbance. These are difficult times, but it is also an opportunity to work on ourselves. We can form habits that can be taken into the future too when all this is over. Working on your mind and body requires focus and hence now that we are practising self-isolation, focus and time are all we have!

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