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Frequently Asked Questions on Elate Yoga

1 I have been going to the gym for a long time, now want to try yoga, how is it different?

Yoga is different from exercising in the gym or following any other fitness routine. In fact, the physical practice is just one aspect of Yoga. Yogasanas help us to connect body movements with the rhythm of our breath and thus brings our attention inwards and helps us become more mindful of our movements. Regular practice not only helps our body become more flexible but also our mind more stable and calm. We don’t need any fancy equipment’s for practising yogasana, and there is very less chance of injury to the body as the asanas are done as per individual capacity and not as a standard for the whole group.

2 Why is Yoga preferred over other forms of exercise?

Yoga is a way of life, we connect inwards with the practice of yoga thus achieving a physically fit and strong body, which is disease-free as well, and a mentally stable mind, unlike any other form of Exercise which is mostly focused on performance. Also after practising Yogasanas we feel rejuvenated and energetic throughout the day without the feeling of exhaustion like we feel when we do any other form of exercise.

3 What particular form of yoga do you practice at Elate?

At Elate we follow Hatha Yoga. We try to incorporate all the best practices of different forms of Hatha yoga like Iyengar Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Pragya Yoga, Yin Yoga etc. We follow a different schedule of asanas and pranayama every day. This routine ensures that you develop stamina, flexibility, and strength.

4 How is Elate Yoga different than any other Yoga places like Shivanada Yoga?

At Elate we try to bring in the best practices of many forms of Yoga. We follow a different schedule each day. This is a very well researched schedule created to cater to all the age groups and all the individuals. We start our week with Slow and restorative routine like Yin Yoga and more balancing asanas and slowly progress over the week with increasing the intensity and culminate the week with more dynamic forms like power yoga, vinyasa flow etc. This way we try to incorporate asanas for all the body parts during the week. And by the end of the week, we would have done a complete round.

Also, we give personal attention to each client after understanding his or her needs and limitations, this happens with keeping the batch size limited and small. We also incorporate therapeutic asanas wherever required.

Our innovative routine ensures you do not get bored of work-out and there is something to look forward to in yoga classes at Elate Wellbeing Studio.

5 Are your instructors well trained?

Yes, all our instructors are very well trained and have studied Yoga as the main subject in their Graduation and Masters. They all have experience in taking sessions of a different set of clients

6 I have back pain, can I do Yoga at Elate?

If you have acute back pain it is advised to take rest for some time before you start the regular practice, but there are some techniques and asana which can be done with the support of pillows etc. to relieve pain.

Also if it is chronic back pain, you should start practice yoga asanas which will help strengthen the whole body especially back muscles and spine.

At Elate our trainers know how to handle this and can help you with asanas that can benefit you.

7 How many times in a week should I practise yoga?

Following yoga practice is very beneficial even if its once or twice a week for at least one hour, however, to have best results its good if one can follow the practice every day at least for 30 to 45 minutes. If time is a constraint then at least thrice a week for one hour is ideal to start with.

8 I am not flexible and my stamina is low, can I start Yoga?

There are no set criteria to start a yoga practise, anybody can start at any point in time. Flexibility and stamina are built over a period of time with regular practice. There is no need to compare your practice with anyone, every individual is different with his or her own strengths and limitations. Yoga practise should be regularly followed as a routine to get the benefits.

9 I want to lose weight and remain fit, can just doing yoga help?

There are many factors, which determine your fitness and body weight. To have the best results regular Yogasana practice is very beneficial but there are more factors to be considered, which include what kind of diet or nutrition is being taken, how is the sleep pattern, how do you manage your stress levels.

We at Elate give a holistic solution by providing regular nutrition consultation, Sleep consultation and Mediations along with regular Yogasanas.

10 What is the best time to do yoga and how much gap should be given between meals and doing practice?

The Best time to do Yoga is early in the morning before breakfast. The second best time is early evening. However depending upon your own schedule you can plan the time during the day, but there should be a minimum gap of four hours between the meal and your practice. This is because while doing yogasanas the body has to twisted and turned and if there is undigested food in your stomach you may feel very uncomfortable and nauseated. Also, Yoga practice requires you to direct all your energy and thoughts into your inner core, after we eat our body uses a lot of energy in digesting the food, thus you feel drained and less energetic in your practice.

To learn more about Yoga classes at Elate Wellbeing Lounge contact us.

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