• Trishna Patnaik

Food ideas to help you sleep better

Almost everybody is aware of the value that eating certain foods is instrumental in our daily lives. Eating the right foods gives us the energy we need to complete tasks, strengthen our immune system against diseases, improve cognitive functions, heal wounds, repair bones and tissues, help our children grow big strong, and basically everything else we need to live happy, healthy, productive lives. But too often healthy eating is rarely thought about when it comes to sleep. Food indeed plays an important role in sleeping well and sleeping on time.

At Elate, we have created specialised programs to help you sleep better. Our Sleep and Nutrition experts have created a list of the best and worst foods for sleep:

The Best Foods for Sleep

There are four main vitamins and minerals that can be found in food that aid in promoting sleep: tryptophan, magnesium, calcium, and B6.