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Importance of Birth Preparation

Congratulations! You're Pregnant

You probably have everybody congratulating you and giving you lots of advice but you still may have many questions which need answering, many myths that can be put to rest by qualified professionals tips who have time to spend with you on each trimester and give you tried and tested mom and baby care.

Here I am to help you out with one on one counselling session trimester wise everything that you are curious about to know- exercises, birth preparation, baby care etc. You can schedule your appointment trimester wise in the following way:

1 Trimester (week 1-12): Come for a 45 minutes session wherein you get a postural examination done. Learn the correct posture to follow in pregnancy and their benefits Basic stretching and breathing exercises.

2 Trimester (week 13-28): Best time to learn the exercises. A 45 minutes session wherein you learn the back, pelvis and abdominal strengthening exercises. Pregnancy Yoga asanas are proven at this stage to prepare your body for upcoming changes and delivery. This is also an important time to focus on nutrition requirements and relaxation techniques.

3 Trimester (week 28-40): Lamaze Birth Preparation Class. You may also take Lamaze birth preparation sessions. The session empowers you to know detailed birth plan including, labour signs and stages, pain relief measures, partner's role during labour, breathing techniques, and position during delivery.

Breastfeeding Preparation: A session wherein a physical breast exam is done and you learn the correct positioning and benefits of breastfeeding, how to come over the breastfeeding problems. Tips for caring the new baby immediately after birth: swaddling, nappy changing and massage.

4 Trimester (birth-6 weeks after postpartum) Once you complete six weeks after your birth get a physical examination done for abdominal muscles Diastasis Recti) and pelvic floor muscles and learn the basic exercises to start. Learn about how to deal with postpartum depression.

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