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Belly Breathing & it’s benefits

Belly breathing technique, also known as diaphragmatic breathing, is a profound breathing method that engages your stomach, a dome shaped sheet of muscle at the base of your ribcage that is basically responsible for respiratory function.

Belly breathing that is done by contracting diaphragm, a muscle found horizontally between the thoracic cavity and stomach cavity. Air enters the lungs, and the chest doesn’t rise and therefore the belly expands throughout belly breathing technique.

Elate Wellbeing experts suggest basic technique of belly breathing exercise:

  • Sit in a comfortable position or lie down on the floor mat, your bed or another flat surface.

  • Loosen up your shoulders.

  • Put one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach.

  • Close your eyes & breathe in through your eye for around two seconds. You will feel the air traveling through your nostrils into your belly, influencing your stomach to expand. During belly breathing exercise, ensure your stomach is moving outward while your chest remains generally still & also keep your awareness on the air travelling through your nostrils.

  • Tighten your lips, press tenderly on your stomach, and breathe out gradually for around two seconds.

  • Practice this few times with full focus on your breathing pattern for the best result.

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Belly breathing technique is proved to be helpful for health related problems, depression, anxiety, stress, during pregnancy, for women related problems, etc.

Below are the benefits of belly breathing the reason why should you make it part of your everyday living:

  • Improves cardiovascular system

Belly breathing technique tones, massages and increase blood circulation to heart, liver, cerebrum and reproductive organs. A research proved that patients who survived the heart attack and who adopted belly breathing exercise regime on a regular basis, witnessed 50% reduction in the risk factor for heart related problems.

Belly breathing effects heart in two ways. Firstly belly breathing progressively effective lungs, which implies more oxygen, is conveyed into contact with blood sent to the lungs by the heart. Along these lines, the heart doesn't need to fill in as difficult to supply oxygen to the tissues. Secondly, belly breathing prompts a great pressure differential in the lungs, which prompts an increase in the blood flow, thus resting the heart a bit.

  • Detoxifies your body:

According to Elate Wellbeing consultants, one of the important benefits of belly breathing is that it detoxifies your body. Your body is intended to discharge 70% of its toxins through belly breathing. If you don't breathe properly, then your body will not able to release the toxins properly & this may lead to illness. When you breathe out air from your body you discharge carbon dioxide that has been gone through from your blood circulation system into your lungs. Carbon dioxide is a nature waste of your body's system.

When your body get detoxifies then as a result the energy in the body also increases, hence belly breathing leads to increase in energy & make you more active.

  • Enhances your mental wellbeing:

The quality of your breath loosens up the brain and improves the capacity to learn, focus, concentrate and retain memories. The mind requires a lot of oxygen to work and oxygen helps us to accomplish clearness and feel grounded and gainful. Belly breathing along with Elate meditation program help us to deal with stress, anxiety, depression & negative thoughts. Belly breathing technique leads to deep breathing which reduces the excessive anxiety level. Keep awareness on your breathing and keep your breathing deep & slow and feel the air going inside & coming out. This helps you in relaxing all body parts & organs.

Elate self -assessment tools for emotional & mental health helps in your level of depression, stress, anxiety, etc.

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  • Elevates the Digestive System & Immune system:

The advantage of belly breathing is that it’s incorporate proper blood circulation in the digestive tract, which supports intestinal activity improves overall digestion.Not only this belly breathing allows oxygen to reach to your body and enriches your body to metabolise nutrients & vitamins, hence improves your immune system also.

Elate nutrition experts suggest that along with belly breathing technique good food is also very important for your digestive system & overall wellbeing.

  • Helps in relieving pain & muscle tension:

Belly breathing exercise helps in reducing pain as it loose up the tissues & muscles which contracts during anger or pain.

In short, such a small & easy exercise has so many benefits, hence include belly breathing exercise in your regime from today. You just need to keep aside 10 minutes from your day for this breathing technique. It will not relax your body but also manage your overall wellbeing.

Elate Wellbeing experts are always there for you to help you in managing your overall wellbeing.

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