Are you getting the right nutrition for your skin?

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Nutritional status of your skin is all about how gut health can impact skin health

Skin nutrition science is one of the most sought-after topics in the nutrition world. Mostly in females, the need to have a great skin has now become more than just to with external beauty.

As the Nutritionist & Wellness Expert at Elate Wellbeing Lounge, while planning diet plans for programs such weight loss, immunity, digestive health, or sleep issues, one thing that is always a part of the program is the additional element of a healthy skin.

What are the factors that influence the Nutritional status of skin ?

Based on Modern Nutritional science Your skin nutrition status does not essentially involve a good skin care regime or super foods but , it also provides new insights into the relation between food intake and gut health

Therefor Scientific studies have shown that there two main aspects that play an optimal role in maintaining skin condition for your skin which are healthy gut diet and Quality sleep.

Because all these factors are important in maintaining healthy skin.

Additional factors can be:

  • Maintaining hormonal balance

  • Drinking enough water

  • Avoiding foods that are too high in spices or oil

  • Keeping the external surface of your skin clean

  • Avoid too much exposure to sunlight or dust

Why is Nutrition important for healthy skin ?

Nutritional status plays an important role in the maintenance of healthy skin. Macro nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids) and micronutrients (vitamins and nutritionally essential minerals) work together to maintain the barrier functions of skin in the face of everyday challenges.

Changes in nutritional status that alter skin structure and function can also directly affect skin appearance. Unlike many organs, skin nutrition may be enhanced directly through topical applications.

Topical application of micronutrients can complement dietary consumption, leading to a stronger, healthier protective barrier for the body. Unhealthy lifestyle, irregular sleep patterns may compromise this barrier and that is when we have acne breakouts, pigmentation, early ageing etc.

The Relationship Between the Gut and the Skin

“It has been clinically proven that when digestive balance is off — whether the cause is stress, poor diet, or lack of sleep — the gut becomes overrun with bad bacteria, which can lead to skin-aggravating inflammation,”-

Roshini Rajapaksa, MD, a board-certified gastroenterologist and co-founder of TULA Skincare.

How does altered gut health/function affect the skin?

Skin conditions are also an indicator of how your overall health is doing. Sometimes adverse symptoms on the skin turns out to be not a skin issue at all. Especially the relation of your skin with gut health is profound.

Unless your body is able to absorb and assimilate the nutrients from the food that you eat,topical application will not be of much help. And since most of this absorption happens via gut, it is but given that you need to take care of your gut first

Elate’s Skin & Hair Renew program encompasses the importance of good nutrition not only for great skin but also renders proper cell detoxification and gut health improvement.

Having said that, we also cannot stress enough on the importance of shielding your skin from the harmful external factors with chemical free products. We heavily recommend the use of home-based natural ingredients that have long term effects on your skin health.

How can we improve our nutritional status for our skin ?

You need to minimize gut irritation and inflammation which requires looking at your food, beverage, supplement and medication use, assess your stress levels including sleep, consider any undiagnosed food allergies and do what you can to support a healthy gut microbiota/bacterial population.

While eating nutritious food is important, it’s not what you eat but rather what you absorb that’s important when it comes to both skin and overall health which is why getting your gut health in order is priority number one;

What are the essential nutrients to maintain skin health ?

Having Gut health at priority it is important to ensure you’re getting enough of the skin-supporting nutrients vitamins A, C, E, K2, B3, B5 along with the minerals selenium, zinc, silica and sulphur and omega-3 fats make sense.

When does the changes reflect on the skin ?

It is important to address that with all the positive changes to your diet, you may see the benefit to your skin for around four weeks.

The skin cells requires adequate dietary protein, carbohydrate, and fats as well as a variety of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and polyphenols for optimal skin health and great appearance.

A healthy, varied diet can also influence the skin’s ageing process to a modest degree and offer some degree of protection against sun-induced skin damage.

It is Our priority to help you connect the dots on the above subject and guide you to right approach of our on skin care through our program.

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