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Your Key To Success:Anger Management

Anger is a strong sentiment of irritation or aggravation towards something or someone. We can feel furious in the situation where somebody has outraged or irritated us. Getting angry is a normal feeling. We get this emotion as it is a protective mechanism of our bodies in response to something that is threatening us.

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Causes of Anger:

According to Elate Wellbeing experts, a variety of circumstances can cause anger & frustration. Below are some of the situations:

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  • Physical or verbal threats

  • Verbal or physical assaults

  • Interruptions while seeking after objectives

  • Money related dangers

  • Infringement of our moral standards

  • Abuse or unjustifiable treatment

  • An insult from others that hurt our ego

  • Feelings like anxiety, fear, sadness & insecurity

Anger management is the way toward seeing when outrage/anger is happening and actualizing strategies to quiet down and manage the circumstance in a positive and healthy way. Anger management is a popular topic among therapists and other emotional wellbeing experts. According to Elate Wellbeing experts, before counselling for anger management exercises, it is very important to understand the individual's aggression level. Elate self-assessment anger management tool help the individual to check his or her level of aggression, hence help them to seek help from Elate Wellbeing counsellors in the right direction.​

Some of the ways for anger management are as follow:

  • Take time & then express yourself

Without giving it much thought, it's easy to express something that you'll regret later.Take a couple of minutes to gather your thoughts before saying anything and permit others associated with the circumstance to do likewise.

When you're thinking clearly, express your disappointment in an assertive yet peaceful way. Express your worries and concerns clearly & straightforwardly ,without harming others or attempting to control them.

  • Practice relaxation skills

At the point when your anger flares , then work on relaxation skills . According to Elate Wellbeing counsellors, relaxation skills like deep breathing & meditation helps a lot in anger management. You can practice these activities anywhere, anytime and also these activities are not time-consuming. Elate meditation is a series of powerful guided meditation practices that help an individual to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, anger. Elate online meditation program enhance your creativity, productivity, focus & overall wellbeing.

For relaxation, you can also listen to good music, write a journal, get a good relaxation massage. These all techniques help in anger management.

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  • Include exercise in your schedule

Any form of exercise is very helpful anger-related issues. Exercise can help decrease the stress that can make you end up getting angry. On the off chance that you feel your anger is escalating, go for a walk or run, practice certain yoga poses or invest some energy doing other enjoyable physical exercises.

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  • Don't hold a grudge

Forgiveness is an amazing thing. On the off chance that you allow anger and other negative emotions to surround your positive thoughts, you may end up getting hurt from your own bitterness and anger. But if you can forgive someone who annoyed you, then you might both learn from the situation and strengthen your relationship. Hence forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools for anger management.

To conclude, working on anger management is a challenge for everyone at times. Seek help for anger issues from Elate Wellbeing experts, if your anger seems out of control & force you to do things you regret or hurt those around you.

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