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Why should we seek counselling?

Counselling is a “talk therapy”. It is a process where an individual, family or couple meet with a counsellor to talk about issues and problems that they are facing in their lives. Counselling can provide people with the opportunity to share their views, be heard and gain new perspectives on their situation and experiences. Counselling can help people to gain clarity surrounding issues. Together with their counsellor people identify and work towards achieving the desired outcomes and goals for counselling (Vision counselling and psychology).

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There have always been “counsellors” people who listen to others and help them resolve difficulties, but we have always been understanding the concept of counselling wrong as guidance. Guidance centres on helping individuals choose what they value the most whereas counselling help us to bring little changes in our lives.

Counsellors are highly-trained professionals assisting people to live more joyful, productive lives. No one would seriously doubt that life is challenging and, at times, heart-breaking—we need only to look around. Then, there are others issues which cause severe distress in our lives like anxiety, depression, stress, obsessions, suicidal ideations and so on. To counter balance our deteriorating emotional health, it is essential the stigma attached to counselling is removed and an awareness created about the need and availability of help.

Now, do these statements sound familiar to you:

“I don’t need counselling”

“I can handle situations on my own”

“Oh please! I am a strong person”

“Hello! You think I am crazy?”

Despite what we tend to say aloud, we’ve secretly wondered to ourselves “Do I need counselling?” There are many everyday signs that indicate it could be helpful to talk to someone. A countrywide National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro sciences (Nimhans) study has revealed a shocking prevalence of mental illness in India. At least 13.7 per cent of India’ s general population has been projected to be suffering from variety of mental illness and distress.

If you are feeling dissatisfied with where your life is or where your relationship is heading, counselling can get you back on the track. You are not alone!

Sure, counselling is an excellent source of support for people experiencing depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues. But counselling is also the most effective way to deal with that challenges that everyday life presents. Consulting to a professional counsellor can help you to reduce stress, improve your relationships and reach your personal goals.

In this fast-paced world, more and more people are finding it challenging to handle the unrealistic work and life demands and maintain balance. We all face high level of stress, which directly affects are physical health, psychological health, emotional well-being and social relationships. Eating right, sleeping on time, meditating, maintaining positive relationship is something we all indulge in to lower the stress level but when it stops working, seeking help from counsellor is the most beneficial thing.

In addition to helping with the issues above and others, obtaining professional help may provide you with more insight and awareness. Although it can sometimes feel scary to take the first step to reach out, reducing your symptoms and learning to cope in healthier ways can make doing so more than worthwhile (good therapy).

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