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Adopt Detox for Healthy Skin & Hair

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Building a strong immune system is extremely important but what is equally important is flushing out the toxins that are already inside your body. These may be a remnant of the food that you consume or may have entered from the external environment. Being the Nutritionist & Wellness Expert at Elate, I always stress on finding the correct food combination that helps removal of such toxins from your body. A common question that I face from clients at this point is, “How do I know my body is getting detoxified? Will there be any sign?” I reply very happily that yes! This is one of the greatest joys to see how your skin & hair changes as your body successfully eliminate the toxins from the body. The most important component that does this is your blood.

Role of Blood in the Detoxification Process

Blood has especially important functions in our body that need to continue without any interruption for a healthy living. And to ensure this, you must make sure that your blood is purified at all times.

Your blood carries oxygen to trillions of cells in the human body. It also carries hormones, fats, and nutrients from the food that you eat to every single cell in the body. Blood carries nutrients to our cells, which then put the ‘waste products’ from the cells back into the blood that carries it to the detoxification organs, and finally out of our system. Blood also regulates pH, water, and temperature levels in our body. Besides, the white blood cells (WBCs) in the blood protect the body against many diseases.

Why do toxins affect skin & hair?

The adverse effects on your skin and hair like acne, pimples, pigmentation, dandruff, hair fall etc originate somewhere from deep down in your body. The liver & kidney are two major organs that carry out the process of detoxifying your blood. If these functions are not carried out properly, the overload of unwanted products in your body is indicated through your skin & hair. These are one of the first symptoms in your body. Absence of proper nutrients in the body of accumulated waste products degrades the skin epidermal cells or your hair follicles, weakening them in the process. Hence the symptoms start showing as early signs that your body is not doing well.

How does detoxification or purification of blood help?

The popularity of detoxification or detox process is on the rise, promising to eliminate toxins from the body, reduce weight and improve overall health. These short-term interventions claim to cleanse the organism, improve the condition of the skin (especially in the case of skin & hair) as well as the condition of hair and nails and slow down signs of ageing. Do detox treatments really have such an effect on our health and beauty? There is a small difference, for example, Elate’s popular detox programs and skin & hair renew programs are NOT based on the fact that a particular food item will “detox” or “purify” your body.

They are based on the basic science that body or blood will improve its functionality when you give it some space to breathe! Due to our hectic and unhealthy lifestyle, our cells are loaded with products or end products of bodies’ metabolic activities. When you omit certain harmful habits and adopt a healthier habit for even a few days, your body refreshes from inside, at cellular levels. Please note, no one type of food or process can just go inside and remove the toxins, it’s a complicated process.

What matters the most?

According to Dr. Ana Vrbanović, MD, by eliminating unhealthy snacks and sweets and introducing more fruits and vegetables into our diet in order to cleanse the organism, the condition of skin and hair begins to improve. Poor diet has a poor effect on the appearance and health of the skin, hair, and the entire body. This kind of diet often causes fatigue, sluggishness, acne, and obesity. It is only logical that after switching to a healthy and nutrient-rich diet the person will notice positive changes on their whole body.

But, if they go back to their old ways, after finishing the detox the undesired symptoms will quickly return. It is not the accumulated “toxins” from a bad diet that are causing poor health and appearance. It is the unhealthy substances in general that we feed our body on a daily basis which in time lead to cumulative damage to the organism. Therefore, short term changes cannot really have a long-term effect on health.

Consistency is the key

The human body is highly capable of defending itself against many external factors. If the person’s health is good in general, it is recommended that they focus on long term changes in their diet and lifestyle. These include incorporating more fresh foods like fruits and vegetables into their diet and avoiding fried foods and all forms of fast food. Also, regular exercise and sufficient sleep will most certainly have a positive effect on the health of the whole body so there will be no need for resorting to any kind of quick-fix regimens. In truth, these mostly have a yoyo effect once the person returns to their previous lifestyle.

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