5 Yoga poses that benefits Mental health

Yoga being the sustainable form of exercise. Yoga for mental wellness has gotten increasing consideration from the yogis and researchers alike, with the advantages of yoga for mental wellness crossing a few zones going from mood & anxiety disorders to stress reduction.

Several medical researchers in recent years have uncovered many mental benefits that yoga offers, corroborating the experiences of millions of practitioners. A new research from All India Institute of Medical sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, released on yoga day, June 21, 2018. During the study, while finding other health benefits of yoga, experts noticed that it is also able to relieve mental stress and other mental disorders.

According to Elate online guidance yoga experts, below are the mental health benefits of practicing yoga:

  • Help in dealing with anxiety & depression:

Activities such as relaxation, contemplation, Elate online meditation program, exercise & yoga has been demonstrated useful in decreasing your negative emotions such as stress, anxiety & depression. As per a Harvard University article, yoga can achieve this by directing an individual's stress response system. With its capacity to bring down circulatory pressure and pulse just as improve breath, Elate online guidance yoga program furnishes you with the way to manage and resolve anxiety & depression without falling back on costly medications.

  • Boost memory & concentration: