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How to reduce anxiety: 11 best ways to calm your mind quickly

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

The most impacted disorder to be found in humans today is unstable mental health and the highest contributor to that is anxiety. In fact, one out of every 4 Indians suffers from anxiety disorders. Anxiety is the body’s way of reacting to danger or some type of pressure or while facing a challenge. The causes of it might differ but the effects are somewhat similar. To curb these consequences talking to a professional would be the best solution but to immediately calm your mind here are 11 simple ways to reduce anxiety quickly.

1. Acceptance

Accepting the situation is the first step to wellness. Accepting your nervousness will help you deal with your fear rationally. Talk to yourself and note down the things you feel in the moment. This will not only help you instantly but also make you understand your mind’s condition in entirety.

2. Deep breathing

The easiest way to calm your body is to focus on your inhaling and exhaling. Close your eyes, slowly breathe in and out and only concentrate on this process. By doing this you are grounding your body and emphasising only on one thing which will help you avoid all other troublesome factors. Elate Wellbeing has a program on how to breathe right which is freely available on its mobile app.

3. Sensing

Heightening your senses makes you more aware of your surroundings. While having an anxiety attack people lose the touch with the environment so naming your senses help you connect with the surrounding. Name one thing you see, one thing you smell, one thing you hear, one thing you can touch and another thing you can feel.

4. Avoid technology

Social media can be very overwhelming and the cons of it as much as its pros. While experiencing anxiety one should avoid all factors leading to it and our phones are one of them. Don’t be afraid to turn off your phone and be in the moment. Switching off your device will help you get in touch with the surroundings.

5. Exercise

Move your body in any way. Walking will get your body to stand up and understand your immediate environment. Even a short walk can curb the mind’s uncertainty. Yoga is another way to exercise rightly to reduce anxiety.

6. Temporary thinking

Anxiety can be a very overwhelming feeling and makes you feel like there’s no end to it. For this, think of it as a temporary effect and avoid letting your mind think of the situation as everlasting.

7. Simple actions

Do something as simple as drinking water or turning on the lights or throwing trash. This will keep you from feeling useless and make you experience productivity.

8. Light a candle

The fresh essence of a candle can calm your body immediately. Light your favourite scent and let the smell soothe your cluttered mind.

9. Chew gum

A quick stress reliever is the action of chewing gum. While chewing gum the blood flow to your brain increases having a relaxing effect on you.

10. Listen to music

Listening to slow and soothing music can help lower your blood pressure and lessen stress hormones.

11. Call a friend

If none of the above activities works for you there is always an option to call a friend. Someone is there for you who is will listen to your feelings and understand you.

Elate Wellbeing provides the right tools and guidance to improve both mental and physical well- being. Our programs are developed by experts in mindfulness meditation techniques; sleep therapists; yoga trainers, and nutrition experts.

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