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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

One of the most profound experiences we can have in our lives is the connection we have with other human beings. Positive and supportive relationships will help us to feel healthier, happier, and more satisfied with our lives.

So according to Elate Experts here are a few tips to help you to develop more positive and healthy relationships in all areas of your life:

1.Listen effectively: Listening is a significant expertise in boosting someone else's confidence, the quiet type of sweet talk that makes individuals feel upheld and esteemed. Listening and understanding what others communicate to us is the most important part of successful interaction and vice versa. Active or reflective listening is the single most useful and important listening skill. In active listening, we also are genuinely interested in understanding what the other person is thinking, feeling, wanting, or what the message means, and we are active in checking out our understanding before we respond with our own new message.

2.Accept and celebrate differences: One of the greatest difficulties we experience seeing someone is that we are on the whole unique. We can see the world from multiple points of view. Absolutely astumbling block that we go over when we attempt to manufacture connections is a longing or a desire that individuals will figure as we do and, along these lines, it is such a great amount of simpler to make an affinity. We feel progressively great when we feel that individuals "get" us and can see our perspective. Life, be that as it may, would be exceptionally dull in the event that we were all the equivalent and, while we may discover it at first simpler, the novelty of sameness soon would wear off. So accepting and celebrating that we are all different is a great starting point.

3.Give people your time:Giving time to individuals is likewise a tremendous blessing. In this present reality where time is of the essence and we are attempting to fit in more than one lifetime, we don't generally have sufficient energy to provide for our friends and family, companions, and work partners. Technology has somewhat eroded our ability to build real rapport and we attempt to multi-task by texting and talking at the same time.

4. Develop your communication skills:Communication happens when somebody gets you, not exactly when you talk. One of the greatest threats with correspondence is that we can deal with the supposition that the other individual has comprehended the message we are endeavoring to get over. Poor communication in the workplace can lead to a culture of back stabbing and blame, which, in turn, can affect our stress levels, especially when we don’t understand something or feel we have been misled.

5.Manage mobile technology:By now, pretty much everyone has a mobile phone and many people have two or more. While they are a lifesaver in an emergency, and an effective tool for communication, they also can be a complete distraction when people exhibit a lack of mobile phone etiquette.

Every relationship we have can teach us something, and by building positive relationships with others, we will be happier and more fulfilled and feel more supported, supportive, and connected.

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