• Sonal Agrawal

How social media can be dangerous for your mental health

The dramatic rise of social media has brought the world closer. With touch of a button, you can connect with people sitting in a different continent. The ascent of social media life has without a doubt made our life simple, yet it likewise has some negative consequences for our mental well-being.

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Social media has not only made the connection between people stronger but has also made them addicted to its usage. Regular scrolling and staying continuously on any social media platform can make a person isolated and unhappy. With the help of Elate Emotional Health Tools you can check your level of stress, depression, anxiety.

According to Elate wellbeing experts, 6 ways social media is causing harm to your mental health:

  • Loss of Human Connection:

With the development of the social media era, individuals are losing the human connection.These days everybody is so fascinated in the rectangular screen, that they give less consideration to the individual sitting alongside them.They neglect to speak with the individual present around them and are focus more on their gadgets.

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  • Self-esteem

Social media based life plays a crucial role in harming your confidence. As we as a whole are very much aware that everybody has a decent amount of instabilities and shortcoming, which they don't talk about straightforwardly and remain quiet about it.Constantly scrolling Instagram or Facebook feed and comparing yourself with other person's perfectly filtered picture can lead to self-doubt.

  • Sleep

Sound sleep is critical for any person. However, excessive use of cell phone hampers the sleeping pattern of an individual. We continue looking through our mobile phones before heading to sleep, which makes it harder for us to get some sleep.Also, the splendid light of the mobile phone smothers the arrival of melatonin, which in the long run makes an individual feel tired.You can also consult Elate sleep program experts for your sleep pattern & how it's affecting you. Elate experts will also guide you to how to sleep well and achieve optimum sleep levels which could be sustained on day to day basis.

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  • Attention:

We come across a lot of information while scrolling down the social media, but it is also responsible for distracting a person.We have become so addicted to social media that we are constantly on our phones. Even if it is for a few minutes, the social media diverts our attention.

  • Mental Health:

Numerous studies have proven the ill effect of excessive use of social media on a person's well-being. Social media is responsible for the development of various mental issues like anxiety, depression if it is not used with caution.

  • Memory

Social Media life is absolutely a stage to think back to a memory that we imparted to our friends and family. In any case, while gaining those experiences we generally neglect to live at the time and appreciate it.We invest an excessive amount of energy to get that one ideal picture to post on Instagram or Facebook that truly, we neglect to appreciate that exact moment.Looking at a memory from the past can also distort the way in which we remember certain incidents.​

To conclude, it is extremely important to limit the use of social media and remain conscious while using it. Try to take a break from it and do not engross yourself excessively in it. Rather pay attention to things happening around you.

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