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Try mindful eating this January


Well! eating the right food, at the right times, in the right portions is the simplest definition of mindful eating. The properties of nutrition and it's radical increase have bought much insight upon the healthy diet and a fit body. Many of us struggle to develop healthy food habits, try to implement it for some time but again end up inclining towards that slice of pizza which has more unhealthy benefits as compared to that bowl of cereals. Elate well-being your one-stop destination on Nutrition, Health, Fitness & Meditation brings you several benefits and variations your body develops once you start the practice of mindful eating.

Mindful eating for a happy and healthy life


Chew your food till you can drink your food. Chewing food properly is a technique much acquired by people who want to generate a healthy lifestyle. Chewing is an art. "Drink your food and chew your drink." Possibly meant by saying “chew your drink”? Even if consuming a juice or smoothie (NOT CHILLED, PLEASE!), we still need digestive enzymes. To do this while drinking, make a few biting motions to release saliva and enzymes, which will start the digestion process in your mouth. Make the chewing motion a few times and notice how the action produces saliva even without food in your mouth.

'Shifting your awareness to begin thoroughly chewing your food will not only keep you in a state of mindfulness not only....but also, it is also extremely beneficial to the overall state of your health and well-being.'

The pre-digestive enzymes released in the mouth are critical for breaking down food before we send it on its merry way through the rest of the intestinal tract.


The tongue is an incredible instrument. The amount of joy received when eating yummy food is due to the tongue’s ability to savour the various flavours of the meal. Often when we are enjoying a meal, either by ourselves or with others, the tendency is to almost shovel the food into our mouths. But think about this—the only place in our body that we enjoy the taste of food is the mouth, not the oesophagus, stomach, or intestines. If we take the time to keep food in our mouth longer, we will enjoy it much more than the quick repetition of habitual chew and swallow. A cleaner palate allows you to taste more complex flavours in your food.


Here is an exercise to practice mindful eating. Choose a time to have a meal by yourself when you can tune in and be fully present with the experience. Make a freshly cooked, seasonal meal that you know you will love. Have fun while you are cooking the meal, knowing that you will be infusing your joy into the food you are creating. Arrange the food nicely on a beautiful plate.


Choose a place to sit that has some nice exposure to nature. If the weather is pleasant perhaps sit outside. Once you are settled (with no technology, magazines, books, or other types of distractions), take a deep breath and say a word of gratitude over your food. Now take your first bite. Put your eating utensil back down and rest your hands in your lap. If you are enjoying a sandwich or hand-held food, place it back on the plate. Sit and experience the taste on your tongue and the texture of the food in your mouth. Notice how you are feeling right in this moment. How do the flavours of the food feel to your emotional body? These are all aspects of mindful eating. Once thoroughly chewed and savoured, swallow and begin again with another bite. Continue until you are full.


Don't overeat! A mindful eating habit is all about having the right portions at the right time. Our body does not require excessive indulgence towards food. Have your breakfast before 9 AM and your dinner before 8 PM. Focus on taking small portions at an interval of every two hours till you have your dinner by 8 PM. Substitute your junk eateries with dry fruits, fruits, fruit and vegetable smoothies. If you want to know certain amazing yet simple recipes which require less time to prepare and gives you a healthy bowl, comment on the box below.


Hopefully, this practice will encourage you to be more involved with your food choices. Make sure you are eating what is appropriate for you today. Always keep in mind your current state of balance and the strength of your digestion. Give yourself the gift of learning about the healing benefits of cooking spices. Have fun in the kitchen and let cooking be something that brings you joy.

Tune into the rhythm of nature and what is being grown locally. Food that has been picked too early and shipped across the country (sometimes from other parts of the world) will have much less life-giving power. Eating fresh food from local farmers, or even better from your own backyard, will be filled with more vital life energy, bringing great pleasure and satisfaction.

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