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5 reasons to start doing meditation in year 2019

'Exhale & Inhale' - these two words solely combine the formula of MEDITATION. The quieter you become, the more you can hear. Meditation is what your soul speaks and mind hears. After a proper research conducted by the experts of Elate well-being on online meditation and mental health we have gathered some important yet not so rocket-science reasons why mediation should be added in your daily routine.

1. ENHANCES PRODUCTIVITY - Only a healthy mind can generate masterpieces. A proper 5 minute meditation increases your productivity and boosts your ability to multi-task - which is quite necessary and in-trend for the generation. It also improves your memory and your ability to provide ideas which are creative -yet out of the box.

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2. INCREASES GREY MATTER - Regular yet religious practices of meditation increases the brain cells

as a result of which there's an increase in areas related to emotion regulation, positive emotions & self- control. Mediation also increases cortical thickness in areas related to paying attention. There are several scientific studies done by leading universities in USA and Europe which have demonstrated definite changes in brain structure due to meditation.

3. BOOSTS YOUR HEALTH - The experts at Elate believe that besides proper diet and exercises, meditation also plays a vital function in enhancing health thus adding extra healthy years to your life. Just like, your proper diet recipes meditation too should be bought in concern with the ecosystem of your health.

4. EMBRACE OPTIMISM - Who does not crave for a happy, positive life! Meditation is just the right prescribed pill to stay happy and optimistic. The dosage counts 5-10 minutes of a concentrated "Inhale & Exhale" position and voila! your mind flushes out all the toxic feelings, emotions and even that toxic ex. It also decreases depression which out of 10 people every 6 people have witnessed it once in their life. Sounds terrific! So, the next time if creepy thoughts of your ex or the work load of your office or even your career consequences stress you out causing that wrinkle on your face, embrace meditation and see the wonders happening next.

5. THE ART OF PATIENCE - As often quoted " The fruit of patience is sweet" sounds good to the ears but is actually hard to implement. The more patient and sorted our mind is the more we can generate the true meaning of life. Once we develop the art of patience and learning things with a new positive perspective our motto, our purpose of life gets a varied rich meaning.

This new year pickup wonderful practice of meditation to become happier and healthier. You could learn meditation online using Elate Wellbeing website and mobile app. Learn more about beginner's program from Elate Wellbeing now.

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