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Expert Corner: Vidhi Mahanot

Ms Vidhi Mahanot is a leading Psychologist with more than 5 years of experience in corporate & counseling. She is Founder - Counseling and Empowering. She is known for her excellent counseling skills for depression & anxiety, relationships issues, self esteem related issues and parenting etc. She is certified expert in positive psychology as well. She takes face-to-face and online counseling sessions. Vidhi is an expert counselor with Elate Well-being platform to make people happier and healthier


Hi Vidhi, you are providing counseling to people in Gurgaon for many years now. We are keen to knowyour views on mental health issues and how psychologists like you could help people improve their mental health.

1- What kind of issues people are bringing to you for counseling in Gurgaon?

Multiple kinds of issues come up, relationship issues with spouse or parents; behavioural issues with children, ADHD; general stress management issues related to work and home environment; counselling for phobias, depression, anxiety etc. Though many of these issues look very different from each other, however many a times the most common root to such issues is that of low self-esteem. Counselling is an effective way to work on all of these issues.

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2- Do you see that more and more people are coming for counselling nowadays?

Yes, there are various reasons for it. Firstly, people are more aware now that they must seek psychotherapy/ counselling for various mental & behavioural issues just like they seek medical help for physical problems. Secondly, there is also increase in instances of mental health problems owing to work related stress, lack of social & family support in new cities such as Gurgaon, and impact of social media etc.

3- Normally what process do you adopt for counselling for such cases?

I normally use an integrative approach in counseling where in a combination of aspects of different therapies like Solution focused brief therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Client centered therapy etc. are used with an intention to make the sessions more holistic by giving primary importance to the client’s needs. These therapies have very strong scientific basis and they provide very effective ways to deal with various mental & behavioural problems.

I also use the principles of Positive Psychology in which instead of focusing on fixing weaknesses the most important thing to do is to identify and build on an individual's strengths, thereby enhancing their potential so that they can flourish optimally.

4- What advise will you give to people to identify these issues earlier and how best to tackle them?

Its very important to understand symptoms of mental health. Like-

In Adolescents and adults:

Prolonged period of sadness or irritability

Excessive worries and anxieties

Social withdrawal

Significant changes in eating and/or sleeping patterns

Prolonged and strong feelings of anger

Growing helplessness in coping with daily problems and activities

Suicidal thoughts

In Younger Children:

Changes in school performance be it academic or non-academic

Excessive worry or anxiety

Persistent nightmares

Frequent temper tantrums

Changes in sleeping and/or eating habits


If these symptoms persist for longer period of time, they should consult a psychologist immediately. Psychologist will first assess these symptoms and then suggest appropriate therapies to deal with them.

5- Generally what is duration of each session and how many such sessions may be required.

Each session is normally 45-60 mins in duration. Number of sessions vary based on the type of issues.

On an average 5-8 sessions are very effective in treating many mental and emotional issues. My approach is always to work with client and make them know about various tools & techniques which

they could use to deal with various issues.

6- Could you please share some tips on good parenting practices?

As parents, our goal should be to raise problem solvers. Dealing with challenges and problems builds character. In order to accomplish the same we should guide our children to embrace challenges, accept mistakes and make effort in abundance. Praising the effort instead of the result will encourage them to enjoy the process of making efforts instead of becoming slaves of them. By doing so we will cultivate a healthy self esteem among the children where in they would celebrate their strengths, acknowledge their weaknesses and make independent choices.

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