• Sonam

Do you have an eating disorder?

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Imagine a table serving all the food you desire to eat without any limit to your eating amount. Isn’t it a tempting visual? Now imagine the food that makes your mouth watery is just two steps distanced from you, but you cannot eat it. Isn’t it hard? That’s how hard it is for the patients suffering from eating disorder. Eating disorder is not a choice. It’s a way of coping mechanism for them. It contains a sense of purpose in the life of person suffering from it. For them it’s a way of escape from the feeling of not being good enough. It serves them with a purpose of being in control. Even after serving all these purposes, ruling out it’s unhealthy in fact deadliest nature is not an option. Eating disorder is the third deadliest disorder among teenagers. Eating disorder does not discriminate and can be present in any one of us. Wondering how it develops and work is not an uncommon question. Eating disorder is a psychological condition concerning the disturbed food habits of the person, develop by their own obsessive thoughts of being overweight or thoughts concerning their weight. They make rules regarding their food habits and persists on followin