Get rid of PCOS weight & pain naturally!

Lose weight and improve your health without any medicines. Join the Elate One Month PCOS Yoga and Diet Plan. Limited time offer only Rs 2999. Join Now!

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Join Elate One Month PCOS Management Program

Elate Wellbeing has curated effective PCOS and PCOD plan which includes online diet consultation and online sessions on Yoga exercises specifically designed for PCOS. Get a consultation from our expert nutritionists for weight loss and yoga experts for fitness improvements.

Right Diet

The plan includes diet consultation and diet planning. Our philosophy includes eating local Indian food items along with natural ingredients to improve PCOS condition. 

Online Yoga

The Elate PCOS management program will include daily specialised Elate online live yoga sessions and diet plan on PCOS management. Yoga and relaxation techniques will help you lose weight and reduce pain. 

PCOS Recovery

The plan will help you lose weight naturally without any negative health impact. You will also witness pain reduction and Improved energy levels.


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Client Testimonials

Your Indian diet based PCOS weight loss program is very effective. I am highly satisfied with the results achieved in the 10 days. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Rajni Das

I am glad I joined this program. I had everything earlier, but my problem was resolved only when I joined Elate. Great work team Elate👍

Rajeshwari Lavanya

A real improvement in my health while losing weight gained due to PCOS. Thanks Elate 🙏🙏 for creating such women-oriented programs


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One Month PCOS management plan

Rs 2999/person

Frequently asked questions

Why this program?

We believe PCOD & PCOS are just like any other lifestyle issue and can easily be managed with certain guided changes in lifestyle and stepwise modifications on a daily basis. This will involve understanding the trigger points and addressing them through diet and goal-oriented habit changes. Diet plan and yoga will help maintain hormonal balance in the body without any side effects.

What is covered in this program?

  • Weekly diet plan on what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. All these are based on India, natural, and seasonal food items;

  • Daily live online yoga sessions of 60 mins for improving physical health to counter PCOS and to reduce pain.

  • Guided meditation to improve mental wellbeing and reduce stress caused by PCOS.

How soon will I see results?

You will see improvement in your PCOS condition by the end of 10 Days (when followed exactly). However, to see a major impact we advise you to follow the suggested regime on a regular basis over at least 30 days. Let our nutritionists and dieticians who have specialisation in creating PCOS diet plans guide you. We have also developed PCOS specific yoga sessions to reduce pain and weight.

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