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Online Physical and Mental Well-being Programs

We have curated specialised programs to help you in your physical and mental health regime. These programs are conducted online. You will get an individual consultation along with group activities. These programs are developed in collaboration with some of the best known international and national experts.


Join these to see a change in your life!

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Elate Detox Program

7 Days

Join this program to manage weight, boosts energy level, increases immunity, reduce inflammation, slows down ageing and improve skin and hair health



Rooftop Yoga

Online Yoga Program


Learn yoga for fitness, weight reduction, back and neck pain, relaxation. These classes are conducted online daily on zoom. Convenient slots for classes and personalised attention.



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Happiness Program

7 Days

Happiness is a skill that can be learned and requires training and practising. Learn Now.



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7 Days Stress Management Program

Don’t let stress control the way you live your life. You can beat the anxiety, worries, Burnout. Get that burden off your shoulders and lead a life full of fun, and harmony. 



Gyan Mudra

Mindfulness Meditation

21 Days

Mindfulness is being fully engaged with the present moment without getting caught up in them. 



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Skin & Hair Care

7 Days

A Natural Beauty Diet plan for Glowing Skin and Lustrous Hair in a week. Join Now.



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Online Weight Loss

4 Weeks

Join this online program to witness a sustainable weight loss. The program includes customised diet plans and daily progress check. The plan follows the Indian diet.



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Online Sleep Management

1 Week

A new approach towards better sleep quality using techniques which work. No more sleepless nights or use of sleep medicines!



Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Online Prenatal Yoga

Prepare yourself for a Smooth and Natural Childbirth. Join a Trial Class!


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What our subscribers are saying about Elate Wellbeing Online Well-being Program


I am currently doing an online yoga session. These are very good sessions conducted by Elate. I have got a personalised recommendation from yoga instructors which are amazingly affecting. Thank you Elate.

Himanshu Tripathi

Effective weight loss..

I have joined the Elate weight loss program. Initially, I was not very sure how will it work. Elate Nutritionist Apala is a great expert and counsellor. She has developed diet plans which have been very useful and practical. 

Gaurav Juneja

So relaxing..

Thank you team Elate for the session 😊I need to share this that I was a bit restless today due to the prevailing situation but now after the session I am so relaxed 😌 thank you once again for the efforts that you all take.Love you all

Chanda Bisht