Online Mental Well-being Programs

Live Happily Every Day!

So, What is the secret to happiness? The answer may be simpler than you think. With the latest scientific research, We now know a great deal about what does and does not contribute to wellbeing and happiness. And, one thing is quite clear- Happiness is a skill that can be learned and need training & practising.


We at Elate Wellbeing, believe you need not become a monk to be healthy and happy! Rather, we bring to you techniques which are easy to follow and can be easily incorporated while you juggle between your work, career and family. 

7 Days of Stress Management

stress management elate wellbeing online

Online Stress Management Program: 7 proven ways to deal with stress!

Don’t let stress control the way you live your life. You can beat the anxiety, worries, Burnout. Get that burden off your shoulders and lead a life full of fun, and harmony. Remember you cannot control a situation, but you can control your reaction.


Elate – Stress Management program is born out of dozens of analytical studies and personal experiences of people who have successfully learned to manage stress. At the end of one week you will be able to:


Identify the stress-causing situation quickly

Be observant of the body’s response to stress 

Use tools to quickly eliminate stress

Improve your resilience to cope with stress situations over time

You will sleep better, you will eat better, your confidence levels will improve

7 Days of Happiness Program

happiness elate wellbeing online program

Celebrating Life: 7 Days to Live Happily Every Day

This program borrows insights from happiness studies done in the scientific community including by Harvard, positive psychology, and traditional methods including Indian and Buddhist traditions, Ikigai (Japanese way) and Hygge (Danish way). 


Simple, doable, and effective techniques to assist you in finding your happiness state of being;

Short audios and videos of 7-10 minutes daily to guide you through the day, supported by text and illustrations;

Regular follow-up and support from Elate Well-being experts online and offline for the next 21 days;

A complementary online Yoga and meditation session with our experts on zoom.