Time to say goodbye to stress, anxiety, and anger

7-day online program to help you to live happily. The course is designed for new age people like you, join now.

Relieve stress, anxiety, and anger

This highly practical result-oriented course is born out of dozens of analytical studies and more importantly from personal experiences of people who have successfully learnt to manage their stress and anxieties.

Using meditation, breathing, yoga, nutrition to eliminate stress, anxiety, anger. You will experience better sleep,  improved efficiency,  clarity of thoughts,  better visualisation, increased energy levels, sense of calmness throughout your life, reduce ‘negative’ thinking

Day 1
  • Understanding Stress

  • Understanding why Stress is important to our survival

  • Techniques to induce Stress to understand Stress

  • Exercise to understand your Stress reaction type

  • Learning why we behave in a certain way when Stressed

  • Learn to observe Yourself as different from your Stress reaction

Day 2
  • A deeper understanding of the key techniques

  • Learning the importance of Breath, Meditation, Movement

  • Important tips to remain Calm

  • Get introduced to the Yogic postures to relax the mind and invigorate the body

Day 3 & 4
  • Learn techniques to alter your brain frequency

  • Reach Meditative state anytime, anywhere

  • Binaural music to reach a Calm state of mind

  • Power affirmations technique to relax

  • Techniques to align with breath

  • Learn the power of gratitude and how to harness it

Day 5 & 6
  • Learn powerful technique to relax

  • Techniques to peaceful sleep

  • Techniques to get in the rhythm of life

  • Learn Yoga postures for a relaxed mind and energised body

  • Learn the technique of walking meditation

  • Learn to connect with nature

Day 7
  • Experience the technique of Yoga Nidra or Guided Sleep Meditation

  • Nutrition tips and foods that assist in retaining a state of relaxation

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Elate Stress and Anxiety Detox Program

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Review of Elate Stress and Anxiety Program

One of the best week of learning and happiness for me. Thanks Elate for such a wonderful program. 👍

Rajat Mathur

Kudos to Elate Wellbeing for developing such an apt course. So many of us are living life with stress and anxiety. We can always reverse the path!

Narayani Pandey

I really liked practical and scientific tips for self-management of stress and anxiety. This program is a must-attend for anyone working in the corporate sector. 

Rahul Jhamtani

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