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Loving Kindness Meditation

7 Days

Also known as 'metta' meditation is a great way to strengthen feelings of love and kindness toward self and others.


Mindfulness Meditation

1 month

Mindfulness is being fully engaged with the present moment without getting caught up in them. 


Stress Management

15 Days

Reduces stress and its consequences – Meditation can lead to less intense stress responses. 


Our online mindfulness meditation courses are curated for self-healing, stress management, building calm and reduce anxiety. Participants will learn to practice meditation through pre-recorded audio classes, online sessions, and personal consultation with our experienced instructors. These practice audios are provided on WhatsApp and Elate Mobile App. Online sessions are conducted on Zoom.

What our subscribers are saying about Elate Wellbeing Online Meditation Program

Amazing experience...

It was an amazing experience, felt so relaxed, light and positive. All the team members are very friendly, supportive and encouraging. Keep up the great work team!!

Kirti Sharma

A must do..

A refreshing place with lots of positive vibes. Had a great time especially with Mindfulness Meditation session online. I was initially apprehensive about doing it online, but it worked so well. It was truly rejuvenating!! - "must do"


So relaxing..

Thank you team Elate for the session 😊I need to share this that I was a bit restless today due to the prevailing situation but now after the session I am so relaxed 😌 thank you once again for the efforts that you all take.Love you all

Chanda Bisht

Frequently asked questions

How is this program conducted?

The program is conducted on WhatsApp and Zoom. On a regular basis, we will share pre-recorded meditation tracks. Our experts will also answer your specific queries. Couple of times a week, we also conduct online zoom session on mindfulness. 

Is there any pre-requisite?

There is no pre-requirement to take up these online meditation programs. We share pre-recorded audios so that you have the flexibility to follow the guidance. Our experts will also provide tips to improve meditation practice and provide answers to your queries on WhatsApp.

How soon will I see results?

The purpose of these programs is to provide an overview of mindfulness meditation. At the end of the program, you may choose to continue for a longer period or continue self-practice. Mindfulness is a way to live life, once adopted you will surely see benefits.