Learning Yoga for kids is easier and fun with Elate online live Yoga sessions

Time Slots

Weekdays: 7AM, 5 PM, 6 PM

Saturday & Sunday 9 AM

Sessions are normally 60 mins, including 40-45 mins yoga, 10-15 mins pranayama and relaxation practices.

Yoga Schedule

We follow Hatha yoga variations practice along with  vinyasa flow,  power yoga etc and Pranayam and relaxation.


We make it fun for kids while ensuring they advance as well.

Why Elate?

We are proud to offer highly effective, engaging, and fun online yoga sessions for kids.


These sessions are designed keeping in mind age-specific physical and mental well-being needs.

The Best Online Kid's Yoga Classes

Convenient weekday evenings and weekend morning slots, certified women trainers, fun and effective yoga regime for kids of all ages.

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Client Testimonials

I am very happy with Elate online yoga classes for kids⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Both my son and daughter are doing yoga with Elate for past 2 months. They are liking the sessions a lot and I can also see changes in their stamina and physical activity levels

Rahul Joshi

Elate has very good yoga trainers for kids sessions. My 9 years old kid has joined these online classes and he is very happy with the way sessions are conducted. These are fun and very interactive. Thanks, Elate for such lovely yoga for kids.👍

Sudha Subramaniam

My 12 years old kid has joined Elate online yoga sessions based on a recommendation from a friend of mine last month. I am highly satisfied with the way yoga sessions are done. My kid is very active as well as calm now. 🤗🤗


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Frequently asked questions

How is this program conducted?

The program is conducted online on Zoom and Google Meet. We currently have batches both during weekdays and weekends. All our trainers are well-trained women yoga instructors. We try to make these sessions engaging, fun, and interactive.

What is the ideal age to start yoga?

Yoga for kids can be started as early as four years. We teach progressive asanas based on child current state of fitness. All our yoga sessions are designed specifically for kids, and asanas are safe and very effective.

How soon will I see results?

You will see improvement in fitness levels very soon. Normally yoga can help a child in improving energy levels, increased growth rate, weight management as well as in stress & anxiety management. Join now to see a difference!