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Happiness is a skill that can be learned and requires training and practising. Learn Now.

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About Celebrating Life Program

This program borrows insights from happiness studies done in the scientific community including by Harvard, Positive Psychology, and traditional methods including Indian and Buddhist traditions, Ikigai (Japanese way) and Hygge (Danish way). 


Simple, doable, and effective techniques to assist you in finding your happiness state of being


Short audios and videos of 7-10 minutes daily to guide you through the day, supported by text and illustrations


Discover a curation of our most transformative rituals, each focusing on happiness in everyday life.


This program is conducted online over WhatsApp over a span of 7 days, with each day focussing on an important technique.

Program Structure

So, What is the secret to Happiness? The answer may be simpler than you think. With the latest scientific research, We now know a great deal about what does and does not contribute to wellbeing and happiness. And, one thing is quite clear- Happiness is a skill that can be learned and requires training and practising. 


What is the Elate way of Happiness? We at Elate Wellbeing, believe you need not become a monk to be healthy and happy! Rather, in this program, we bring to you techniques which are easy to follow and can be easily incorporated while you juggle between your work, career and family. 

How is this program developed? Elate Wellbeing experts include Indian and International wellbeing specialists who have extensive experience in using scientific knowledge and traditional methods for curating effective wellbeing program, including this Celebrating Life Happiness program.


What does it cover? In the celebrating life program, we are going to work on 6 pillars of happiness and these include 1- letting go of past, mistakes, failures, and toxic relationships, 2- indulge in self-care 3- being mindful, 4- being in a state of gratitude, 5- foster positive relationships, 6- and take a journey to find purpose and meaning.


In this short program, we shall cover conceptual understanding for each pillar along with activities to introduce these in our daily lives. We will always be available for providing replies to any specific queries that you may have.

 The program is conducted by Ashutosh Pandey, Ex-CEO of an International Environmental Firm, an IIM  Calcutta Graduate, and a certified Cognitive Behavioral Coach; and Apourva, a successful Entrepreneur and a Happiness expert with a strong passion for Wellbeing. 


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Review of Elate Happiness Program

I wasn't very sure about joining this program when a friend who had attended it earlier recommended this to me. I must say one of the best self-care learning for me from this program. A must-attend for everyone. 🙏

Nirmal Tripathi

Thanks for this program, crisp and concise but highly effective. I loved this program and highly recommend others also to join this. 👍

Ravi Malhotra

All seven days were revelations. In our daily life, we forget to be happy. The biggest outcome for me was the realisation that with a handful of aspects we could completely turn around the way we look at life. We definitely can be happy each day. 

Madhuri Uttam