Elate Online Hair Care Plan Model

Join a new approach to reduce hair fall and premature greying

4X reduction in hair fall and 3X increase in hair regrowth

Does healthy hair seem like a dream? 

Remove Toxins

Pollution and chemical-based products do not let your hair breathe leading to several problems. It is now time to detoxify.

Right Nutrition

Do not deprive your hair of essential nutrients, nourish your body and your hair with traditional and natural ingredients.

Reduce Stress

If you're a stress-head you're most likely suffering from hair loss and poor hair growth. So, you need to de-stress with effective and easy daily rituals.

Elate 7-day Hair Rejuvenation Program

The right nutrition, daily activities, home-based treatments and remedies specific to your hair type with purifying, nutritive and balancing properties necessary to nurture and attain lustrous, healthy and beautiful hair.

Collection of Herbs

Get the right nutrients

Detox diet plan to cleanse the body from inside leading to hair rejuvenation. Nutritious and delicious recipes for improved hair growth.

Yoga by the Sea

Improve your lifestyle

Adopt best practices to strengthen and maintain the overall health of scalp & hair. Include easy workouts, yogasans to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Natural Cosmetics

Personalise your hair care

Make your own natural hair care products such as hair packs, oils, serum, and oiling procedures to reduce hair fall, itchy skin, dandruff and strengthen the follicles and scalp.

Get 'Healthy Hair and a Happy You' by following highly effective hair remedies, nutritious diet plan & recipes, and DIY natural products. We truly believe in ‘beautiful you in and out!’ 
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Join Program Now

7-day Hair Rejuvenation Plan | Rs 650/person

The program starts every Monday. It is conducted on WhatsApp.

Client Testimonials

Thanks Elate for such a wonderful program. Its been 2 months since I did this program, now I see a great improvement in my hair. Hair fall has reduced tremendously and there is also a nice shine of hair. 👍

Divya Rai


Amazing results. I am happy to join this program. I have much better hair now, and I am using my own products.  It was a good decision to join Elate Hair program. 

Aparna Pandey

I m glad to follow Elate wellbeing the packs they recommended I followed n got amazing results I also get a quick response from them on any queries I have. Elate is really good with meditation also they guide us in all aspects 👍Thanx to Elate 🤗🤗

Sirisha M.

Frequently asked questions

How is this program conducted?

The program is conducted on WhatsApp. On a daily basis diet, recipes, DIY products, rituals shall be shared. Our experts will also answer your specific queries. These are not online classes, so you have the flexibility to follow guidance during the day as per your convenience.

What hair issues will be covered?

The program covers common hair issues including hair fall, premature greying, roughness, dandruff, thinning of hair, and itchy scalp. Any medical issues will not be covered. 

How soon will I see results?

You will see improvement in your hair quality by the end of 7 Days (when followed exactly). However, to see a major impact on hair shine, reduction in hair fall, we advise you to follow the suggested regime on a regular basis over at least 30 days.