New Year Resolutions 2020 

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Remember the last time you planned to start an exercise routine the next morning. After taking a resolution the night before, you woke up in the morning and thought while still lying in the comfort of your bed, “Hmm…where did I put my gym clothes? Are they clean? Where did I leave my running shoes? Not sure if I will get to use that treadmill today as it was faulty last time I went? Gosh, this is too complicated. I will plan better for tomorrow. Sleeping is easier” ZZZzzzzzzzz…

Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

We at Elate Wellbeing handhold you from not only showing you the path but also partnering with you on the journey AND that’s our resolution for 2020.

Launching the Elate NYR2020 program with the aim of turning your health resolution to a habit.

This is a limited period offer for limited subscribers.

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