Various scientific studies have now proven immense benefits of doing regular meditation practice. Meditation not only helps in physical and mental stress reduction, but it also brings cognitive and psychological benefits. 

Mindfulness practice, Vipassana, Loving-kindness, and other meditation practices have also been extensively linked to easing symptoms of depression and anxiety, and these techniques are used in many therapy settings.

Learn mindfulness meditation in our Guided meditation classes in Gurgaon to get amazing benefits like calming anxiety, managing stress, better sleep, improving self-esteem, fighting depression, and happier life!

Join guided meditation classes to live a stress-free and happy life!

Learn Mindfulness the best way

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Guided Meditation

begin your practice with guided meditation videos/audios and meditation music for a structured way to do meditation.

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Expert Consultation

speak to meditation experts on a regular basis to ensure you are on the right path and there is no confusion about practice.

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Lessons & Best practices

deepen your understanding of mindfulness with written lessons and regular tips to derive maximum benefits.


For Online Guided Meditation

I was initially not very sure of how it will work, but I am amazed how easy and effective it has been. Thanks Elate for a wonderful online program of mindfulness/Vipassana. I am enrolling for next level now.

New Delhi

Sharmila Bhatt

Meditation made easy

The best part of this online program was my weekly calls with Elate experts on mindfulness meditation. I was able to resolve all my queries on how to meditate. Such sessions perfected my meditation practice. 


Meenkashi Singh

On Benefits of Meditation

I enrolled in this program for stress reduction and sleep improvement and I must say that this is the best thing I have done in a very long time. It has been a life-changing experience for me. Thanks a ton to Elate Wellbeing!


Rohit Prajapati